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Climate Control Storage Units You Need To Use For Wine

Every wine lover at some point of their lives wants to have an enormous wine collection but does not know how to store their wine. A common and simple solution to this problem is a climate controlled storage unit. By maintaining a good and consistent temperature at all times, these units of storage will give you a good idea when it comes to setting the wine. Even the climate controlled storage units Fort Myers offer some of the best units you can try in order to store your wine and keep it fresh.

Climate Control Storage Units

Below are some of the important things you can keep in mind when it comes to wine storage.

How do you store them?

The biggest struggle people often face when it comes to storing wine does not know where and how they can store them. This actually has been a problem for centuries and it is surprising that there are still people struggling to find a solution for a simple issue. Nowadays, there are many companies that struggle with storage facilities for specifically for wine or even offer services to build a cave within a home. The temperature, the humidity, and the light can determine how and when the wine should be stored and why the storage is so important.

The temperature

When you are thinking about the temperature, also remember that such a factor alone can change the flavours as well as the wine’s consistency. If the wine is too warm, it will probably over-emphasize all the flavours within the alcohol. Or if the wine is too cold and tasty, it may never even end up looking mature. How the wine has developed plays a very big role and why it could be so unpredictable. Most of the reds will also withstand elevated temperatures, but it should also be housed between 55 to 60 degrees. When you are using a climate controlled storage unit, you will have the ability to choose temperatures between what is needed and what is allowed to stay there.


The level of humidity also counts apart from managing the temperatures. While there are several wine experts who don’t agree about the levels of humidity and how badly it can affect the wine, you can’t ignore any fact that it will definitely have some kind of influence. Keeping some kind of humidity within the storage of wine is important to make sure the corks don’t dry out. However, make sure that intense humidity is not always a necessity. Just like the temperature, even climate controlled storage units have the ability to maintain the humidity to a good effect.

The other factors that can affect wine

Lighting is one of the last factors that tend to affect the wine. Most of the time, climate controlled storage units never border with any of the windows. This is often because climate controlled storage units can help you store wine as it can help for all security related purposes. The storages that are concealed will keep all the light sources from affecting any wine that has been stored inside it. It also gives you good peace of mind knowing that your wine is well stored and that you can enjoy it at any time you want.


At the end of it all, you have to make sure your wine storage unit has good security. The entrances should be well protected by security systems for the storage as well as the building area. The wine storage unit should also come with an integrated lock so that the security is further enhanced with the wine collection.

What are the features you should expect from a climate controlled storage unit for wine?

  • The storage unit should be designed to provide the best solution for wines
  • The wine storage facilities should manage small as well as large requirements by restaurants
  • The life storage security measures should also give you the ability to secure the wine while the electronic access, surveillance monitor and the rest are present.

So that’s all we have in today’s post. We hope you enjoyed reading it and found some benefit. If you have questions about wine storage, tell us down in the comment section and we will make sure to clarify all doubts.

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