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Building A Foundation For Your IT Career

The tech industry is a funny old thing. It’s one where expertise is a must, but the means of getting to a stage of competency and having a strong background to impress employers can often feel like navigating in the dark.

Building A Foundation For Your IT Career

Building a foundation in IT isn’t as difficult as it seems when you know some of the things to look out for. Thanks to some of the advice from MBN Solutions, who specialise in recruitment within data science & IT, here is what anyone wanting to get their foot in the door with a tech career should do.

Update LinkedIn Frequently (Like, Almost Too Often)

LinkedIn is like a necessary evil for anyone looking to start or advance their career. It’s also the easiest way of keeping all your qualifications and specialisms in one place. Being able to say that you’re dabbling in full-stack or UI on your profile can act as a record to help build your CV over time.

I think of it like updating an online diary every time I play around with something new. You may not become an expert in first-line support, but if you have it written down on a visible profile you’ve spent some time flirting with it, it helps highlight you have a broader IT skill spectrum than you think. In turn, it helps bulk out your CV all too easily.

Know that paths change

If you work in IT, and your role now is the same as it was 2, 3, or 5 years ago, something isn’t right. Every IT job is different, even if the title is the same. Understand that all companies do things a little bit differently, and that means altering your personal IT journey too.

Find specific agencies

We’ve all had good and bad experiences with job agencies, the latter being more common when you’re stuck with an agency which seems to throw any job at all your way that bares a minimal resemblance to what you’re after. That’s why it helps to create and keep a list of specific agencies at hand.

What do I mean by specific? Well, you want to find local or national recruitment agencies which sit within the niche you’re trying to get into. I mentioned MBN Solutions earlier in the article. They’re an example of a recruitment agency which doesn’t just go after anyone with a fleeting interest working in IT but instead homes in on data science and engineering.

This creates a scenario where companies interested in filling precise job roles will come to them for just that. With specialist agencies, you’ll also find that the people working there know a thing or two about the jobs they’re advertising. You don’t have to feel like you’re talking to someone who hasn’t a clue about how your strengths in data engineering lend themselves to specific scenarios.

Ask agencies about placements

Now, suppose you aren’t at the stage of taking that leap into a full-time career just yet (you could still be at university or learning) and want some experience under your belt. In that case, you should get in touch with an agency (remember, I did just say you should compile a list) and ask them if they could point you in the direction of companies that may have placements/internships available.

This will do two things in your favour. It will possibly get you placed within a company you want to work in for a short while, and it will help you get in a good relationship with a recruiter, who may eventually be helping you find a job. See how it all ties together?

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