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The Top 5 Tech Jobs With Fast Growth in Demand

Technology advancement used to change the focus of demand in the workforce, making some set of skills and hand-labor obsolete. LinkedIn experts say high-tech jobs are seeing big annual growth. The vacancies for the Internet of Things (IoT) will stay much-in-demand in years ahead. Information technology services evolvement provides new workplaces for the growing need for data security, data storage, analysis, and financial management. The companies are in constant need of additional entry of administrative and support personnel. That’s why now is the perfect time to hire a technical resume writer, which can make you a step closer to the brightest future, highlighting your tech qualifications.

The Top 5 Tech Jobs With Fast Growth in Demand

The good news is there are lots of jobs in the tech industry for everyone without an IT background as this market is booming. But to start with the best tech career possibilities you should learn more about tech jobs in the U. S. with a high salary level, constant demand of employees, and excellent satisfaction rating. One of the various reasons to choose tech jobs is the great package, that includes insurance coverage, retirement plan, and many other benefits that bring satisfaction.

Here is the list of top 5 tech jobs with the descriptions and average or base salary ratings:

#1 AI / Machine Learning Engineer

  • Annual base salary: $146,090;
  • job growth, 2017-20: 340%.

As all companies now have shifted their focus towards the emerging field of robot automation, AI or Machine Learning Engineering is an on-fire specialty, staying the best tech job for the future by most measures. You can notice how staggering is the projected job growth for AI engineers, as they are involved in any field where there is the need for trained machines that can process big data or natural language, recognize images and make economic forecasting.

#2 Information Security Analyst

  • annual salary rating: $98,400;
  • expected job growth, 2020-30: 33%.

You can’t imagine any business without a computer and digital information running. Information Security Analyst knows how to protect the user data and sensitive business database on the front lines by using different strategies. The aim is to ensure all data is safe and the company utilizes efficient security software according to all requirements of the state or government. By the way, according to mass media polling, InfoSec Analysts showcase the highest ratings in job satisfaction.

#3 Data Analyst

  • annual average salary, 2019-20: $121,500;
  • forecast of rates growth, 2020-30: 18%.

If there is big data, there should be someone who collects, processes, and performs statistical analyses of it, explaining the numbers in plain words. Data Analysts help perform market research, interpret sales figures, price the product, or reduce transportation costs. This title is designed to collect data and for a better understanding of business situations. Their strong analytical skills allow interpreting data with accuracy and making the right decisions on how to deal with issues that may cost the company money.

#4 Software Engineer / Software Developer

  • average salary rate, 2020: $106,816;
  • employment outlook, 2020-30: 25%.

Software Engineer is the most multivalued title among tech jobs. They develop all kinds of software from phone apps to internet browsers, this means any industry needs their products, and the number of workplaces for software developers won’t scale back. As software engineering skills can be narrowed down to specific areas, the qualification doesn’t matter a lot. Some companies mention in their job openings requirements to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a master’s one, but more hiring managers will be satisfied with some practical experience instead.

#5 Database Architect / Automatic Data Processing Planner / DBMS Specialist

  • annual base salary, 2019-20: $141,250;
  • forecast of rates growth, 2020-30: 16%.

The profession of DBMS Specialists Database is integral to most businesses. Database Architect creates, organizes, operates, and stores extensive collections of data. More and more companies involve operations with interconnected devices and sensors, where the volume of available data is huge and going to expand with time. Data Architects successfully manage big data, coordinating data resources. Their in-depth knowledge of the system and methodology of databases allows translating modern requirements into specific database solutions. They should be familiar with all kinds of servers and operating systems, including Unix, Linux & Solar as well as have perfect analytical skills.

 You can ride a crest of increasing job placement over the next several years if your particular field of work gets connected to the computer or program engineering. In another case, it is a good chance to get alternate skills for a better career path, getting in tune with times. A qualified technical resume writer can help you with a success story in the information technology field, boosting your career!

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