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How do Find High Demand Items on eBay?


You are a detective! So you think like one. When you are doing product research, you are precisely the same as a detective. You have to do competitor research, niche research, and check the best selling items. One of the easiest methods to Research the high demand item on eBay is It will give answers to all of your questions that how much revenue eBay Competitor generates, it will also tell the best seller that eBay generates and much more. The fast installation will tell you all of the information related to eBay research.

Search for Clues:

The first thing that gives us the potential that the item has a high possibility of making money is a high amount of sell. If there is a high amount of selling a better chance, it will have to give more sell. We look at the specific product to check the selling price compared to the average market price. Seller country and feedbacks are necessary things to be checked. The last thing you have to check is the listing information, the title, photos, and the description. We have to see all the smaller details to make a big picture.

  1. Log into

Suppose you have not signed up into the eBay account, so first, you have to register yourself into it by entering your name and email address. Simple choose the password and create an account. Secondly, you have to log in to your eBay account to find high demand items on eBay.

  1. Click shop by category then see all categories.

When you click shop by category in the upper left corner, a box pops up. At the right end of the box and click the see all types. There are many categories on eBay, including books, business, industrial, clothing, shoes and accessories, collectible, consumer electronics, and crafts. The dolls and bears, Home and garden, Motors, Pet supplies, sporting Goods, Sports Mem cards, and fan shops, toys and hobbies, Antiques and computer/ Tablets, and Networking are also in the category.

  1. Find a Category that you are already familiar

It is necessary to search those categories that you know better. Choose that category that you are pretty more familiar with it. Once you open the class, you can go further to open the other type you know the most. It will speed up your success because you will learn more quickly, which are questions that are asked by suppliers. The kind of products that sellers want more and need them.

  1. Niche down to the smaller category you can.

  2. Filter your search to new, buy it now, Free shipping.

Now you are down to the lowest category that you can get. Secondly, go to the left side of the page and filter a few things. The first thing that you have to do is to select is new. It will show all the new stuff. The next that you have to do is click on buy it now again. It will filter out one time purchases and the things that you can sell over and over again. After that, you go further on the page and select free shipping. Free shipping will increase the chances of selling the product. In free shipping, sellers sell three to four-time more sells.

  1. Find the product in the $10 to $75 range

The thing that you must keep in mind is that you do not go below 10$. Remember, you will lose 13% out of your product. On average, you will lose 10% on development and on selling and 3% on PayPal. The range of $10 to $45 is perfect.

  1. Make sure that at least ten sold in the last 30 days.

  2. Find the products that are light to ship.

Try to get the light to ship; if it is cumbersome, you will struggle to profit. Especially if you want high turnover, so find products that are light to ship.

  1. Differentiate! Find several products and then pick the top 3.

The critical thing here is don’t go with one product you want to differentiate yourself. You have to find at least 5-10 products selling on eBay that you believe you are competitive.


In a nutshell, in this article, you know how you can find top selling products on eBay.

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