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Blueberry Hash: A Tasty Twist on a Classic Cannabis Concentrate

Hashish is a concentrated form of marijuana that enthusiasts have enjoyed for centuries. With numerous strains of hashish available on the market, each offering a unique experience, there is one that you should definitely try: blueberry hash.

Blueberry Hash

Blueberry hash is a great choice for a pleasant cannabis smoking experience. When you open it, it has a unique blueberry scent, offering a smooth and enjoyable smoking session. The smoke is mellow and less harsh on the throat than regular cannabis.

Want to know more about this strain and how to use it? Take a look at this article as we will discuss blueberry hash and how to smoke it. 

What is Hash or Hashish?

Before getting to know a blueberry hash, you must understand what hash is in general.

Hash, or hashish, is a cannabis product made from the resin glands (trichomes) found in the flowering tops of female cannabis plants. Using different methods like hand, machine, or ice water submersion, the trichome result in a resin that comes in various forms for use in cooking, smoking, or vaping. 

What is the Smell of a Good Hash?

When evaluating the quality of hashish, the fragrance is the primary and most popular indicator. This is because the aroma of hashish comes from the plant’s terpenes, which can significantly impact the scent and effect profile of different hash products.

Terpenes are compounds in the plant that not only provide aroma and taste. These compounds interact with other cannabinoids, which then give the effects and benefits of cannabis. The interaction of all these compounds is called the entourage effect.

A top-quality hash will have a good smell, whereas a poor grade may have a pungent or mouldy smell. Alternatively, avoiding a hash that smells strongly of plastic is best because this might indicate contamination or dangerous chemicals. 

Blueberry Hash: A Must-Try Concentrate

There are many hash products available in online dispensaries today. But, one high-quality, hand-pressed hash produced in Vancouver that you must try is Blueberry Hash.

The manufacturer added a small amount of water to this hash before it underwent a pressing process. The result is a delightful flavour and aroma reminiscent of blueberries. This hash boasts an average THC content of 30%, which results in a slow onset and long-lasting high.

Blueberry Hash is made by fusing the vibrant colours and delicious flavours of blueberries with the resin-making process. Fresh berries are present in the scent, which has a robust and earthy aftertaste.

It has a strong calming effect and is an excellent concentrate to relax at the end of a hard day or before bed. Patients will value this hash’s capacity to reduce stress and treat insomnia. 

Best Ways to Smoke Hash

Cannabis enthusiasts prefer hash because it is more potent than marijuana and contains more THC. This product also provides smooth smoke and a fragrant, incense-like flavour.

Best Ways to Smoke Hash

There are multiple ways to use hash – added to edibles, smoke, vape, and dab. The last three methods are the most common way cannabis users prefer.

Here’s how to smoke a hash: 

Spliff or Joint

You need to crumble hash to add it to your joint of spliff. How to do this? Heat a small portion of the hash with a lighter until it softens. Then, you can mix it with other substances to create a smoking blend.

For example, you can add tobacco to make a spliff or mix it with marijuana to create a potent joint. Alternatively, you can experiment with other herbs instead of marijuana or tobacco. 


If you have no other options to consume hash, we suggest the traditional process of hot-knifing. To perform this method, you’ll need a source of heat, two butter knives, a straw, oven mitts, and other necessary items. A torch lighter is best, but a burner will also suffice.

Heat both knives entirely, place a small amount of hash between them, and press them together. The hash will start burning and producing smoke immediately. Inhale the smoke using the straw. 


Dabbing requires some preparation as it involves using specialized equipment (dab rig) and a dependable torch lighter. A dab rig resembles a sophisticated bong, but it has a dab nail instead of a bowl.

To use it, heat the nail with the torch flame until it turns red-hot. If your rig comes with a glass dome, cover the nail with it. Then, using a dabber tool, place a small amount of hash directly on the nail inside the dome. Finally, inhale and enjoy your dab. 


Although it is possible to vape hash, it’s worth noting that the process is more complex compared to vaping buds or waxy concentrates. This is because a hash has a unique consistency that can cause it to evaporate slowly.

Furthermore, its sticky and compact nature may lead to messy and difficult-to-clean vaporizer equipment. If you’re new to vaping, we don’t recommend trying to vape hash as your first option.

To vaporize hash evenly using a vaporizer, breaking it up into smaller pieces, like smoking buds, increases its surface area. For optimal results, set the temperature at 200°C. 


This naturally flavoured blueberry hash is a delight to smoke, with less harsh effects on the throat than buds and a THC level resulting in an unforgettable high. Every puff of this cannabis product will send you away to a blissful high that ultimately leads to a relaxing session.

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