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Best Places To Visit In 2019 To Satiate Your Wanderlust

This year get your travel backpack on hot standby and explore what the world has to offer. Draw out your travel bucket list and treat it as an office to-do list!

We will help you prioritize your destination, all curetted considering various essential factors such as cultural cachet, architecture, ease of travel, etc.

Our every recommendation is riveted by discreet and credible data from Google and our favorite travel experts.

Whether you want to rejuvenate and relax at the sandy beach, explore the
wilderness with your backpack on or you want to learn about the history and culture of all three, we have got everything in our kitty for you.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is the embodiment of Scandinavian cultural cool. You can watch Cycling commuters buzzing on the bridge to vibrant buildings.

Voguish lamps lighting up Nordic tables and tourists getting aboard solar boats to traverse across pristine waterways.

Copenhagen has become a culinary powerhouse as it has 15 Michelin-starred restaurants in its territory.

Sous chefs from across the high profile kitchens have descended to exhilarate the locals and tourists to show their culinary prowess.
Copenhagen is so well designed that it is easier for a traveler to explore it.


If you are a wildlife lover then Kenya has a bagful of exclusive surprises for you.
Watch thousands of wildebeests crossing the Massai Mara on National Geography channel. This is the perfect year to realize this wildest dream, literally!

To boost tourist culture, Kenya Airways has started nonstop flights from major international airports across the globe to Nairobi.

Witnessing the greatest migration of animal kingdom which includes perpetual movement of animals from Tanzania and Kenya.

You can witness this on safari along the Mara River or get an amazing perspective of through ballooning before the first light.

Behold and get bewitched by the acumen of Young Maasai warriors perform Adumu or aigus, which roughly translates to jumping dance.

The enticing element of a trip to Kenya is the distinctive dress and culture of local tribes.

The Pantanal, Brazil

In terms of wilderness exploration, It is Planet’s largest wetland, nurturing the amazing density of fauna in South America within its ecosystem of viridescent marshes and river trails akin to the Amazon river!

There are more than a thousand species including mohawked tapirs, Stalking jaguars, etc. Brazil Wildlife adventure is a nature lover’s dream adorning the greatest biodiversity of the globe.

Sailing on the Pantanal’s luxury expedition boat and canoeing across flooded forests and tributaries of the Paraguay River.


24 hours of daylight is waiting to welcome you as Norway is a postcard to experience the exclusive midnight sun.

Travelling is all about endorphin rush and feeling good. Discover your conscience by traveling greener and embark on sustainable destinations for adventure. Stay in environmentally certified hotels.

Witness once a lifetime opportunity to behold onto northern lights, the midnight sun!
Plan your trip to unravel nature’s best kept wonders!



From The Great Sphinx to delicious cuisines, stunning beauty, and rich heritage, Egypt will definitely mesmerize you. Going beyond the conventions, The Pyramid of Giza holds the country’s formidable treasure.

Temples including Horus in Edfu, Hathor in Dendera and the Nile river which boasts several cultures and traditions along its riverbank.

The Mediterranean city of Alexandria has a rich history to overwhelm you. Age old Catacombs to Roman amphitheaters you will be lost in the ancient history

New Zealand

New Zealand is another destination for an adventure seeker. Get your adrenaline rush pumped up by taking a leap of faith and go Skydiving in Queenstown and toss all your fear of flying and phobias in air.

Moreover, there is an epic human catapult in Queenstown waiting for you to project into the oblivion!

It is the best destination for offbeat travel as you can get your hands onto the best craft beer in Wellington and a laid-back waterfront to sunbathe, appreciate the beauty and good life or even sail around the city.

Take a scenic journey filled with romance with your significant other to Picton from Christchurch along the glittering eastern coast.
Opportunities are endless, you just got to have a zeal to explore this country!

Final Takeaways

Break the monotony and get your essential things and muster the zeal to experience something unorthodox.

Be an inspiration and a storyteller to the world. Life is short, fill it with adventure. Satiate your wanderlust with the places you have always craved to travel.

Interact with new faces outside your ethnicity, or nationality and share your thoughts and learn from them. Go beyond the clichéd zones of travel destinations and explore the place with your instincts.

Go into alleyways and local food hawkers and let your taste buds tell the story to the world rather than just crossing the places for the sake of travel!

Suumit Shah
Suumit Shah
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