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Best Gaming Desks To Invest In, In 2018

The gaming industry has taken over the market by storm, with kids, teenagers and adults all interested in the pleasure different games can serve them. Since it is highly likely that you have already invested in high graphics cards for your PC and a comfy gaming chair, could there be more you can do to spice up your experience?

Best Gaming Desks To Invest In, In 2018

Manufacturers have not stopped pursuing different approaches with which to make the gaming industry more pleasurable, and that is where gaming desks come in play.

Z-Line Belaire

The Z-Line Belaire gaming desk is a sleek desk that mirrors a premium desk that befits any gamer working under a budget. The desk has a glass surface that is paired with a classy and sturdy metal frame, giving it an elegantly finished look.

The desk embraces a very spacious L-shape design that allows you to maximize on space and is perfect for gamers with multiple monitors. The desk has a slide-out keyboard tray, although not much storage to use.

As to matters of sturdiness, the glass surface of this desk features tempered glass that is tougher than most types of glasses. Other than the desk being a budget gaming desk, you will enjoy a lifetime warranty, and what better news than that?

Walker Edison Soreno

The Walker Edison Soreno is one of those gaming desks that is smaller as regards space but has enough room for up to three monitors if arranged close together. The table is made of metal and glass, in the L-shaped design as well. The glass surface is made of tempered glass which is highly unlikely to tip over because of its weight.

This desk comes with a keyboard tray that is flexible to be attached on either side of the L-shaped surface. The Walker Edison Soreno then has a tower stand underneath to place your CPU, but, it is strategically placed so that you have a spacious room to stretch out your legs.

Techni Mobili Deluxe

As fancy as its name may sound, the Techni Mobili Deluxe is another budget gaming chair retailing for around $180. This desk also spots an L-shaped corner design, befitting small spaces but with a lot of room for multiple monitors.

The glass top of this desk is supported by a sturdy metal frame that is scratch resistant and moisture-resistant. The best part about this desk is that it is highly customizable in the way that you can fine-tune the keyboard tray to sit on either the right or left side, and you can also detach it into two standalone desks. Like with the Z-Line Belaire gaming desk, it does not have any storage room, although that makes it convenient for a user to stretch out their legs while working or gaming.

ApexDesk Elite Series

The ApexDesk Elite Series is one of those ergonomically-shaped work surface desks that sports a simple and elegant design. As simplistic as the appearance of this desk is, it is made for heavy-duty, with superior stability and one-piece steel underframe.

Although the desk is a little pricey at approximately $580, it has features worth the money. The work surface of this desk is made with a high-pressure laminate that is scratch resistant. Further, the desk is adjustable for height. The table also has a memory controller and dual motors that have a capacity of 225 pounds.

Convenience Concepts

The Convenience Concepts desk stands out from all the other desks mentioned in this article. It has a rather flashy aesthetic appeal thanks to the metal and wood combination of materials. The desk is an open desk that has quite an easy assembly that does not require the use of tools.

Although the Convenience Concepts desk does not have a keyboard tray, it has plenty of room for storage. Although the surface can accommodate two monitors, it will be too squeezed. The desk is a perfect fit for gamers on a laptop, also for its lack of a keyboard tray. It has a little shelf underneath the work surface, and on each of footing, has more room for storage, particularly suitable for a collection of books or disks for a highly refined look.

Several gaming desks are available in the market, varying in type of material, price, shape, design, and sturdiness. Whichever you opt for, make sure it blends well with your gaming chair of choice and is sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.

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