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How Do I Become An Ideal Node.js Developer

The Node.js IDE is very well known for speed, power, flexibility, fun, and easiness it offers to the web developers in developing the Node.js applications. The demand for the Node developers is continuously increasing. To hire Node.js developer is almost the first choice of every web development recruiting company or enterprise nowadays. According to the Node JS Survey 2018, there were over 10 million Node.js users in the world by the mid of 2018 and three out of four users wanted to increase the Node.js usage in the coming few months.

There is a huge demand for Node JS training to cater to the market demand for Node JS developers. In this article, we will talk about the importance, demand, skills, and ways to become a good Node JS developer in the present day market.

How Do I Become An Ideal Node.js Developer

Node.js Developer in Web Development

Node.JS is server-side JavaScript runtime environment used for building web applications that use JavaScript as the core language. According to the StackOverflow survey in 2017, JavaScript is the leading programming language with 62.5% and Node JS is the leading JavaScript framework with 47.1% popularity in the field of web development. Being compatible with many front-end JavaScript technologies like Angular JS, Node.js application development is growing fast all over the world.

The latest survey conducted by Stackoverflow in 2018 reveals that the popularity of JavaScript language increased by 4.3% of the users. In 2018 more than 69.8% developers use JavaScript and 49.6% of the web developers use Node.js development for their web application projects. There are 97,649 websites that are powered by the Node.js framework. Node.js examples of websites or web applications with multi-million monthly visits include,,,, and many others.

What is Node.js used for? More than 85% of Node.js projects are web applications followed by the enterprise applications 43%, according to the Node.js survey 2018. This means Node.js is extensively used for the web applications on the back-end development.

What Skills Are Prerequisites to Be a Node.js Developer?

Node.js is fundamentally a JavaScript server-side framework extensively used for Node.js web apps. To become an ace Node JS developer, you should have the following knowledge and skill set to effectively grasp the Node JS platform.

  • Basic knowledge of the server-client environment
  • Server setup and installation
  • HTTP communication protocol
  • Knowledge of functions to invoke the code such as POST, GET, REST, PUT, and similar
  • Knowledge of HTML language
  • Knowledge of CSS style sheets
  • Knowledge of AJAX programming
  • Knowledge of JavaScript language
  • Basic concepts of asynchronous programming
  • Knowledge of event loops in programming
  • Knowledge of APIs
  • Knowledge of code debugging
  • Knowledge of database management system
  • Basic knowledge of front-end JavaScript frameworks

It is very important to note that Node JS framework is used to develop server-side JavaScript functions that will work in combination with the database system and front-end technologies in a web environment, so the basic knowledge of entire web development process is necessary to know.

How Do I Become An Ideal Node.js Developer

What Are Major Skills of a Perfect Node.js Developer?

Node JS platform is used for web application development universally in JavaScript language. Hire node.js developers because they have a knowledge of front-end, back-end, and database management systems altogether.

The major skills of an ace Node JS developers should include:

  • Front-end programming languages like HTML, CSS, and others
  • Strong knowledge of JavaScript language
  • Knowledge of server-client communication model
  • Repository and code version controlling platform like GitHub
  • Strong knowledge of Node JS framework
  • Asynchronous programming
  • Application designing
  • Data Schema
  • Data security
  • The node package manager (NPM)
  • Angular JS
  • Express JS
  • Agile Methodology
  • Restful API
  • Model-view-controller (MVC)
  • HTTP protocol
  • Unit testing
  • Debugging
  • Node JS compatible IDEs
  • Different supportive tools like Koa JS, Total JS, HAPI, and others

How to Learn Node JS Framework?

According to the Node JS Survey 2018, more than 38% of the Node developers learn this framework through online courses followed by Node School (9%), and tutoring (4%). So, the easiest way to learn Node JS framework is to take an online course.

An online course contains numerous learning modules powered by videos, audios and other types of content. It is very flexible and easy to adjust in your work life. The prices of online courses are lesser than getting on-premises tutoring. So, people in developed countries prefer online courses. You can also learn by using online free websites, portals, knowledge bases, webinars, and other learning tools.

You can choose the following steps to learn Node JS framework the best way:

  • Complete the basic knowledge that is prerequisite for Node JS learning
  • Learn JavaScript properly before diving into the Node JS framework
  • Download and install good JavaScript programming IDE
  • Search for top Node JS learning websites that offer free content
  • Search for the top online academies that offer a professional course with discounted prices
  • Compare the course layouts and choose the one that suits you the best
  • Always focus on practically implementing the knowledge you get in your learning modules
  • Take self-assessment tests to examine your learning capacity
  • Use Node JS document on its official website
  • Practice to read and write code; practice makes a man perfect!

Top 5 Books for Learning Node.js Web Development

If you search for Node JS learning books, you will find thousands of such books. You will be confused which one is the best to buy. I am helping you out in figuring out top 5 books to learn Node JS framework.

#1 Node.js Web Development 4th Edition

This is a very useful book for the Node JS beginners who want to pursue their career in server-side web programming. It is written by David Herron. The book is available in paperback on Amazon. This book covers all the recent developments and improvements in the Node JS framework till May 2018.

#2 Learning Node: Moving to the Server-Side 2nd Edition

This is a comprehensive book for learning the server-side Node JavaScript programming. This book is written by Shelly Powers. It is available in both used and new options on Amazon bookstore.

#3 Beginning Node.js 1st Edition

This is a great book for the beginners who want to have a strong knowledge of Node JS framework. The author of this book is Basarat Sayed. This book has great reviews and comments and is available in both new and used form.

#4 Professional Node.js: Building JavaScript Based Scalable Software 1st Edition

This book covers the advanced level of Node JS programming. The main audience of this is professional Node JS developers. It is written by Pedro Teixeira. This book is also available in paperback cover. You can buy it in new as well as used form.

#5 Mastering Node.js 2nd Edition

This book is professionally rewritten for Node.js 8th and 9th version. This book covers all aspects of Node JS framework and programming features. It is written by Sandro Pasquali and Kevin Faaborg. This book was released in 2017 and is available in both paperback and eBook formats.

Top 5 Blogs for Learning Node Web Development

The top 5 blogs for learning Node JS programming are listed below:

Final Takeaway

This article clearly mentioned with facts and figures about the importance, popularity of a Node JS developer and how to become an ace, Node.js developer. The prerequisites, major skills, and top 5 books and blogs were also figured out explained. This article completely guides you through the procedure to become a great Node JS developer.

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