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Best Free Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

If you’re looking for the best free tracking apps, you’ve come to the right place. The following article will discuss why you should consider using one, how they work, and how to use the free trial options. In the end, you’ll discover the best option for you. Hopefully, this review has been helpful to find the best tracking apps for iphone.

Best Free Tracking Apps for Android and iPhone

Reasons to Use Phone Tracking Apps

Parents are increasingly concerned about the safety of their children and their use of mobile phones. These apps can help parents keep tabs on their children’s whereabouts, contacts, and texts. Moreover, the apps can help open communication channels with their children. However, there are some disadvantages to tracking apps free.

Free tracking apps are often limited in functionality. You will be limited to two projects and one user, but this doesn’t mean that the app can’t provide you with the needed features. Many premium tracking apps allow you to export the data and customize your app.

These apps also allow you to monitor a person’s location without installing additional software on their Phone. It is an excellent option if you’re concerned about the safety of a child or spouse or you’re worried about a partner’s online activities. These apps can be downloaded to Android and iPhone and don’t require you to purchase additional software.

How Do Cell Phone Tracking Apps Work

If you’re looking for a free tracking app for your smartphone, you’ll probably be interested in free options. However, you’ll find that most free options do not have customer support and are more likely to leak data. A paid tracking app will offer better features and customer support and is likely to work more accurately and reliably. Here are some free options to help you decide which ones are right.

One great feature of the best free phone tracking apps is the ability to monitor text messages. This way, you can keep an eye on your kids and limit their exposure to inappropriate material. Some alerts can be set to notify you if your child sends certain words or phrases. Many younger people can easily send over a hundred messages daily, and these alerts will help you keep an eye on where your child is.

You can try the GPS Phone Tracker if you’re looking for a free cell phone tracking app. This app works with all mobile networks and pinpoints any phone number on a map. You can also share the location with a friend using the app. It uses the location of the Phone’s cellular towers and GPS satellites to determine the Phone’s location. It’s easy to use and updates its database regularly.

Best Free Tracking Apps

If you’d like to track someone’s location, many free tracking apps are available. These apps can help you find your lost child or keep an eye on your loved one. Some of these apps are iKeyMonitor, Qustodio, and TiSPY. You can learn more about the best free tracking apps below:

iKeyMonitor is the Best Free Tracking App

iKeyMonitor is one of the best free tracking app for android and iPhone. If you’re concerned about a child’s safety, iKeyMonitor can help. This free tracking app allows you to monitor your child’s mobile device using a password, customized access code, or a custom URL. You can even change the settings so that iKeyMonitor becomes the system app on the targeted device. It also supports multiple languages and features 24-hour tech support.

This app also lets you record every call, message, and web activity your child makes or receives. You can check out who your child contacts on social media sites and block certain apps. You can even monitor deleted messages, emails, and voice messages.

Qustodio is the Best Free Android Tracking App

The main feature of Qustodio is location-based monitoring. Parents can see where their kids last went by checking a map. The free tracking app also lets parents block specific contacts. This feature varies by platform. On some platforms, parents can see where their kids were up to a minute ago. In others, they can only see the last known location of their child.

Using Qustodio is easy. The application allows parents to track their kids’ activities on their mobile devices. It displays information about web usage, call and text history, and geofencing. It also allows parents to control their children’s internet access by setting usage limits and blocking problematic websites.

TiSPY is the Best Free Tracking App for iPhone

If you are worried about your child’s safety or want to track their activities on social media, TiSPY is a great option. It offers many features that will allow you to keep an eye on your child’s Phone without their knowledge. You can also filter out content unsuitable for children, track their Phone’s location, and more. However, it is essential to note that TiSpy may negatively impact your relationship with your child.

Installing TiSpy is easy. Simply download the APK from the app’s website and follow the installation instructions. You will then need to configure certain app settings, such as screen capture permissions and device admin permission. Once you have completed the installation, you will have access to your child’s Phone and can monitor their activities and location.

Google Maps to Track Phone

Google Maps allows you to track Phone locations and other location information. Its location-sharing feature is handy if you ever feel your child is going to get lost or run off to another place. Parents can use this feature to keep tabs on their children while they are out for the day. They can even turn off location sharing without using the best phone tracking app free.

First, make sure the Phone you want to track has the Google Maps app installed on it. Open the app and sign into your Google account. You’ll then see a map with the location of the target phone. It will also give directions to that location.

Find My iPhone App

When you lose your iPhone, you might want to discover where it has gone. The Find My iPhone app can help you do that. The app gathers location information, even when the device isn’t connected to the Internet. It will send that information to Apple’s servers if it’s within range of a hotspot.

This app offers many different features. For example, you can monitor location, call logs, social media accounts, and screen recordings. It can also download the last 12 hours’ worth of GPS data. It also has a keylogger, which lets you monitor conversations.

Another great feature of this app is the ability to locate more than one device. If your child travels with friends, you can use the app to check in on them, even if they’re not in your sight. You can also share the location of all your iCloud devices.

How Does Free Trial Work

Before settling for a free trial, understand how the trial period works. Opt-out free trials require you to provide payment information up-front. After the trial ends, your account will be automatically billed unless you cancel. Unfortunately, some companies make the cancellation process difficult.


When choosing a tracking best free phone tracking app, it is important to look at reviews. It is important because while most tracking apps will claim to work on all devices, they may have hidden restrictions or issues. If a tracking app has negative reviews, you should avoid it. Look for free tracking apps with a five-star rating or more. It shows that the app has received hundreds of positive user reviews.

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