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Online Salesforce Training – How Do I Choose The Online Training Platform That Suits Me Best?

Thinking about a career in Salesforce? Or maybe you are already a Salesforce admin or Salesforce developer with certain experience behind your belt and are looking for new career opportunities?

Online Salesforce Training

Quality Salesforce training is the key to success in the highly-developed international Salesforce job market. In addition, there are lots of factors that determine your professional perspectives and career growth in Salesforce.

Sufficient knowledge, as well as certain hands-on experience, complied with relevant Salesforce certification, are the key factors that can make a candidate with less experience a highly-demanded professional than a seemingly experienced Salesforce admin who never really invested in their training and skill updates.

Choosing the right online Salesforce training program can be pretty challenging as the market of online Salesforce training is extremely vivid, which often makes it hard to find the exact Salesforce training institute that fits your current demands and expectations.

In this article, we decided to divide the most popular online Salesforce training institutes into several groups:

  • The most conclusive Salesforce training programs;
  • Fundamental Salesforce training;
  • Salesforce training for seasoned Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers;
  • Online Salesforce training for those who want to get and maintain their Salesforce certification.

This guide may help you make an informed decision and find the online Salesforce training course that will work best for you and your career.

Salesforce training courses for those who want it “all and now.”

Salesforce is an extremely dynamic ecosystem that grows and develops rapidly, offering innovative solutions and updates all the time. No wonder even if you are a practicing Salesforce admin or Salesforce developer, you may be struggling to keep up with all the most relevant updates and innovative solutions if you haven’t focused on your centralized Salesforce training until now.

CRS Info Solutions is an example of an online Salesforce training institute that fits Salesforce professionals of all levels and help them to get applicable, job-oriented skills and get a grip on the Salesforce ecosystem’s dynamics.

The CRS Info Solutions online Salesforce training program consists of the 3 essential modules: Admon, Developer, and LWC, and lasts for 2-3 months.

During this time, each aspirant gets the necessary information about Salesforce in general and each crucial position and develops the necessary practical skills fulfilling regular assignments from real-life businesses.

It allows you to build a sufficient portfolio and approach the employer with the confidence and tangible benefits that will help you get ahead of the competition.

Another distinctive feature of CRS Info Solutions’ online Salesforce training is that it is a career-oriented system. In addition to the essential studies and development of practical skills, the faculty, which consists of practicing Salesforce professionals, helps aspirants to prepare and maintain their Salesforce certification, keeps them updated about all the changes in the international certification system, and helps to comply with the most recent demands.

CRS Info Solutions is a perfect choice for those aspirants who want to fill all the possible voids in their current knowledge and skill sets and face the competitive Salesforce job market as fully equipped professionals.

Fundamental Salesforce training – for those who need the essentials.

Suppose you are only thinking about a career in Salesforce or vice versa; you are an experienced Salesforce admin or Salesforce developer who, for some reason, hasn’t focused on their formal training yet and does not have the certification.

In both cases, you will want to find an online training option that, on the one hand, will tell you everything you need to know to make further decisions about your career and won’t require too much investment at the same time.

Here are the online training platforms that may be suitable for you:

  • LinkedIn – the popular social media for professionals from all fields and industries is also known as one of the biggest online job markets in the world. Many professionals and employers use it as an opportunity to present and learn the most important information about each other – a kind of online resume. Today LinkedIn also offers an online Salesforce training section that also provides aspirants with relevant internal certificates upon the end of their studies. Not equivalent to the international Salesforce certification, these online courses and certificates help to create a more focused professional representation and structurize your knowledge and skills;
  • Udemy – might be the most popular online training platform. Here you can also find Salesforce training courses from experts from different fields. Some of them are pretty broad and promise to cover all the essential information about Salesforce. Others are more specific and focused and aimed precisely at those who are preparing for Salesforce certification or job interviews;
  • Coursera – another popular online training platform, also offers a Salesforce training program for professionals of all levels. Here you can find courses for those who only start exploring Salesforce and the opportunities it offers; others are meant for professionals who are looking for ways to upgrade their careers and explore new horizons.

Online Salesforce training for experienced Salesforce admins and Salesforce developers.

If you are already a practicing Salesforce professional, you may be looking for a more focused online training opportunity that will help you fill the voids in your current skills and keep up with the platform’s pace.

Here are several online Salesforce training opportunities that may be a viable option for you in this case:

  • Salesforce Trailhead – One of the most recognizable names in Salesforce training, Trailhead is basically an international community of Salesforce professionals and an opportunity for them to keep up with the relevant updates of Salesforce;
  • Janbask – here you can find both individual Salesforce training courses for professionals of all levels as well as corporate training classes, which are a perfect opportunity for businesses that want to make sure that their whole team is most efficient with their CRM and keeps in touch with all the benefits of Salesforce for the company;
  • Intellipaat – this Salesforce training institute offers both in-class and online training options, which are mainly aimed at practicing Salesforce professionals and those who want to revamp their resume and discover new career opportunities within the Salesforce ecosystem;
  • ONLC – the main feature of this Salesforce training program is an opportunity to choose between in-class and online training, entirely self-guided studies, and the possibility to constantly keep in touch with the mentors. Here you can work out a Salesforce training program that works best for you, which is a good option for working Salesforce professionals.

Preparing for your Salesforce certification

When it comes to Salesforce certification, you need to look for an online Salesforce training platform that is constantly updated and led by a faculty of practicing Salesforce professionals who also maintain their Salesforce certifications.

We have already mentioned Salesforce training platforms like CRS Info Solutions, which pay particular attention to Salesforce certification and practical, applicable skills that help their aspirants become the most desirable candidates on the Salesforce job market.

Here are several more options:

  • MindMajix – here you may find the most focused, immersive 30-hour online Salesforce program that will allow you to prepare for the Salesforce Admin (ADM 201) and the updated Salesforce Developer (PD1) certifications;
  • SimplyLearn – it is basically an online Bootcamp for Salesforce professionals. Focused on the latest updates and trends in Salesforce solutions, it is a viable option for those who are looking for essential data and updates to prepare for the certification exam.

Salesforce training has grown into a huge industry during the past several years. Today it allows professionals of all levels, as well as those who only discover their options on the Salesforce job market discover its full potential and get the knowledge and skills that help them achieve all the benefits and perspectives that made Salesforce such a lucrative career opportunity today.

Choose the online Salesforce training platform that suits you best and start your journey toward the professional and financial fulfillment you deserve.

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