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7 Tips that Make LinkedIn an Effective Tool for Career Growth

There is no doubt about it: maintaining a LinkedIn profile is a necessary activity for any professional who wants to establish impeccable online reputation. The power of connectivity will open new opportunities for collaboration and career advancement. The only question is: how do you use LinkedIn successfully? Also, there are firms that can help you build a strong profile;


Creating a basic profile is not enough. This platform has tons of features you can benefit from, such as using LinkedIn Automation tool. Pay attention to these tips and start working on your LinkedIn presence as soon as possible.

  1. Add a Nice Profile Photo

Let’s not fool ourselves; everyone cares about the way you look. When someone takes a look at your profile, he will remember it more if he relates the experience to a face. Add a touch of personality to all that professionalism and pick a face shot that shows you as a positive, vibrant person.

In addition to a profile pic, you can also add a background photo that will make your profile more unique. This is similar to the cover photo you have on Facebook, and you know how effective that part is. Please don’t choose a background photo of nature, animals, sunset or anything similar. Remember: this is a website for professionals, so pick something related to your career.

  1. Customize Your Public Profile URL

A clean URL makes tons of difference. First of all, it shows your diligence and attention to detail. Since LinkedIn gives you an option to enhance your personal brand by customizing the URL, it would be a shame not to use it.

  1. Craft the Perfect Profile Content

The content on your LinkedIn profile is supposed to convey your professionalism, skills, and interests. At first, you think it’s simple to fill in all details with the needed information. As you start completing the profile, you realize that such dry information doesn’t make you look unique enough. If you take a look at great profiles, you’ll notice they have that ‘oomph’ that differentiates them from the crowd.

You got stuck during the completion of your LinkedIn page? You can rely on ResumesPlanet writing service to make yourself noticeable on the platform.

  1. Get Connected!

Once you have a perfect profile, it’s time to start working on your connections. The first thing you need to do is find everyone you know on LinkedIn. Your email list can help with this. Then you can click here and look at other methods to increase connections. Don’t hesitate to look at people’s profiles and add them to your connections; that’s what this platform is all about.

LinkedIn’s Alumni Tool enables you to boost your career through campus connections. If you’re still at college, you’ll benefit from forming your first professional connections before you hit the job market. If you already graduated, you can use this tool to connect with former classmates, find out what they are doing, and check if you can develop professional collaboration with some of them.

  1. Check Who Visited Your Profile and Use the Opportunity

LinkedIn allows its users to see who has visited their profiles. This might be a disadvantage if you plan to stalk your ex partner, so stick to Facebook if that’s what you’re planning to do. In reality, the Who’s Viewed Your Profile feature is very useful because it enables you to see who was interested in your skills and experience. If you notice that you caught the eye of a potential employer, you have an opportunity to connect and start a conversation.

  1. Benefit from LinkedIn Groups

Thanks to LinkedIn, you can join different communities of professionals from your niche. This is possibly the best aspect of the platform, since it enables you to grow your network of relevant connections and get noticed by like-minded people. You can join discussions and discover great news from your industry, as well as job opportunities. You can also showcase your expertise through the groups, so be careful with the comments you post and the messages you send.

  1. Check LinkedIn Jobs

You can’t stay passive on LinkedIn. Your profile won’t do all the work for you; this platform is meant for active job hunting. The Jobs section allows you to discover great opportunities and land a great position suitable for your skills and interests.

Use the platform’s search engine to look for a job by title, industry, keyword, function, location, experience, and other determinants. When you locate a suitable open position, you’ll be able to contact the job poster and see how you compare to the competition. You’ll learn more about the company’s hiring trends and you’ll see how many applicants are competing for the job. That’s much more than any other job posting service allows you to do.

LinkedIn Is Your Gate to Constant Career Growth

Professional social networking is the future of career development. LinkedIn is free, available, and easy to use. The opportunities are out there; you just need to make an effort to grab them.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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