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Effective Tips For Guest Posting In Blogs

Blogging is the new form of social media marketing. With internet and free hosting sites, bloggers from all over the world are flocking on the internet. From newbie bloggers to reputed big brands everyone wants to increase their traffic and follower base. However, it is not easy as it sounds.


In this scenario, guest blogging can be of great help. Bloggers are all enthusiastic to start blogging but in the end give up their passion because of less traffic. Therefore it is wise to understand the visitors and keep them engaged with vital information they come seeking for. Approach brands and networks of similar interest and get free traffic from guest blogging on their website.

Post on Relevant Blogs

You may have come across certain networks that invite bloggers to write for them. It may happen that it is not your interest area or your personal blog doesn’t represent that genre. It is advised that you must not write in those blogs just for the sake of gaining traffic.

This is because when people will read your article on the guest blog, they may come and stop by your own blog. When, they will not find any relevancy, they might drop out. This way you do not get audience and even waste your time.

Be Different and Unique

In order to get notice, you have to stand out from other bloggers. Find out what your skills in terms of writing are and how you can represent it. Whatever you are writing on, try to be informative and clear. Try to post on recent and latest updates. Give original photos. Some bloggers also give videos in their blog posts while others even post “work in progress” videos.

Try to give sneak peak of your blogs before posting your original content. Try to be present in all social media possible. Do you know that some brands even buy guest blog posts? Yes, you have to be different and your content needs to be to the point in order to gain popularity.

Avoid Using Rich Anchor Text

Using too much rich anchor text in the guest blog post will result in penalization of your own website. Instead of using rich anchor text, use naked links.

Make your Author Rank

With Google plus, it becomes easier for Google to determine how well you write. Always write high quality and post original content. After you have gained a good rank in Google, you can link ad words for paid advertisements for your blog.

Bust the Myth

You might think, why you will write for someone else blog when you have a blog of your own. Guest blogging is a type of cross promotion. When you write for other blogs, you also get an access to their audience database. Your blog gets promoted among their followers as well. You may like: SEO copywriting tips and strategies


Never hesitate to write for blogs if you have zero page rank. Page rank doesn’t determine quality. Ensure that you are giving your best efforts and superior quality contents.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


  1. Guest blogging is a very effective technique to rank your website by getting high-quality backlinks from high authority sites.


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