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Clean-Up Your Computer For Less

If you’re finding that you’re able to make dinner in the time that it takes for your computer to reboot, it’s probably time to clean-up your machine.  Slow transition between pages, freezing, and crashes are all common frustrations that can be remedied without a lot of money or expertise.  With these few steps, you can restore your computer to maximum speed, power, and stability.clean up your computer

Before starting the internal computer clean-up you’ll want to give your computer’s external components a good dusting. A soft microfiber towel can be used to work on the outside, but remember to never use spray cleaner on the computer case itself. The most important and beneficial parts to clean on the computer are the air vents. It is crucial that air must circulate inside the box or the computer will get too hot causing problems to the system. Once you’ve finished your external cleaning, save your important files to an external hard drive.  You certainly don’t want to risk losing any important files within the internal clean-up process.

Make sure that your computer is up to date. Security and stability updates are regularly released for both Mac OS and Windows. Typically, these updates will run automatically, but if your updates are disabled, you will need to manually install them.

Be sure to check for malware and adware.  These types of programs can severely affect your computer’s performance, and compromise the security of your system. There are a number of different free programs that will assist in removing malware and adware from your computer.

Check for viruses and other threats to your computer.  iolo offers System Shield, low cost software, which protects again viruses, removes threats, and ensures real-time protection without interruption.

Get rid of programs you’re no longer using. You’ll enjoy a much speedier machine by getting rid of unwanted files. Simply head to the Control Panel, uninstall programs, and remove the desired program.

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