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Best DAC AMP Combo

Headphones are in huge demand nowadays and people are spending more on them than they did before. While using headphones with Smartphone or laptop a high-quality sound is desirable. To get such high-quality audio, DAC-AMP combo is of great help. It can be said that an AMP (amplifier) multiplies the amplitude of an audio and makes the final output louder and clear. AMP is made by using different technologies like transistor circuit etc. Along make loud and clear audio you also need a better quality of sound. There comes the role of a DAC (digital to analog converter). A DAC helps in accessing audio files from any device and makes it sound exactly it should sound like. DAC AMP combo, therefore, can be the best choice for listening audio files in high-quality sound. For finding the right DAC AMP combo you can check its genuine reviews shared by review based sites like

Best DAC AMP Combo

Some of the best DAC AMP combos are listed below

1)    OPPO HA-2

It is a portable headphone amp which has an integrated battery. Along with computers it can easily be connected to your mobile phones or tablets and you can carry them with yourself. There are four LEDs present on the sides which gives an indication about the battery’s life. OPPO HA-2 is very much similar to Fiio E18 Kunlun and offers almost similar set of features. It has a volume controller on top of it and also has number of sockets present at top and bottom of it. Its leather wrap and metal shell makes it look very classy. Some important features of this portable headphone amp are: easy to use with mobile as its battery can last for about 13 hours, headphones socket of 3.5mm is available, facilitates USB input as well. It is one of the good options in category of portable amp headphones.

2)    Chord Hugo TT

This is quite expensive DAC AMP combo, but features which it can offer will justify its high price. This particular product can be used with desktop only and no other device. Hugo Table Top has a socket of array for streaming of balanced XLR outputs to it. Though it has a rechargeable battery integrated in it, it does not make it portable. But yes you can use it anywhere in the house where you prefer to listen some quality music or other audio files. It offers a remote control as well. Hugo TT is a DAC AMP combo which is best when it comes to handling of right timing. It works in a very efficient manner an offer everything without making any fault.

3)     CHORD Electronics Mojo

Chord electronics deals in designing DACs of high quality and Mojo is their best product for portable DAC AMP combo. Mojo being a budget-friendly device which has some really good programmable processor makes it so attractive. Mojo is not very light nor very heavy. Its design is simple yet classy. It consists of a black box along with three opaque buttons. Once you charge its battery fully then it can be used for around 10 hours. Special connections are available near the USB ports. It is of highly versatile nature and can be used to play music files using different devices like computers, Smartphone. The most attractive feature of this one is that it can play files of some high audio resolution as well.

4)    Fiio E17K ALPEN 2 USB DAC Headphone Amplifier

It is designed using a stylish metal along with a plastic casing. It is made using a thin piece of aluminum and a scroll wheel is present at the side. A bit strange fact with this wheel is that it is made up for plastic and not of any metal. Though it is strong, but not like a strong metal. Along with an appealing design it has good potential to deliver with quality sound as well. Alpen 2 does not alter any EQ setting and is a very flexible choice. Some of its specifications are: facilitates micro USB input, has a digital volume controller, battery when fully charged can work for near about 15 hours.

5)  Chord Hugo 2

It is an update of original Hugo. Its cost is more than that of Mojo but it can offer more features. It is of portable nature and its battery can last for good 7 hours. However it size is not very small and you cannot carry it in your pockets. This can be easily placed on train table or Airplane tray and one can enjoy listening to quality sound by using it. Some major updates available with this are: better micro USB charging control, proper labeling on controls and inputs etc. Some of its specifications are: 6.3mm and 3.5 mm headphone can be used, compatible for Bluetooth AptX, facilitates USB and optical inputs.

6)    AudioQuest DragonFly RED

This can be a very good choice for buying a portable DAC AMP combo. Though it is small in size but its sound quality is really great. You can use full-sized headphones with this in most of the cases. It has several improved features to offer like a better digital volume control, improved DAC chip, a higher output voltage so as to make it compatible with headphones which are not very sensitive. It can be connected to Smartphone, computers, and tablet.

So these are few best choices available for DAC AMP combo. While buying them the first thing you need to do is identify your purpose and other needs which you want to solve.  You may find many of DAC AMP combo, and to ensure you pick up the right one yourself you can first read about its reviews which are shared by some authentic sources. Their genuine reviews will help to know all the required details about it and further identify which can be a right choice for you.

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