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How to Play Music on iPhone

Music is a big part of our lives. But playing music on iPhone isn’t same like we used to do on our iPod or any other android phone. If may seem difficult if you just started using iPhone. We have bought you the complete guide list that will tell you how to play music, create playlist and much more of these music-related tasks on your iPhone. Check them out and listen to all the new and your favorite music tracks on your iPhone.

Play Music on iPhone

1. Music app

It’s important to know how your music app works in order to understand all other stuff for playing music on iPhone.

Firstly click on the music apps. If you have just started using your new iPhone it will ask you to sign up for Apple music ( it is totally optional and you can skip it you want to!). when you skip the option or sign up it will enter in the library view. Further, if you don’t have any music on your iPhone it will ask for you to create a list by searching music but if you do have some music/songs you will be given options such as playlist, albums, artists, etc. You will also see many other tabs such as recently playing, radio, search, for you, and browse along with the library option.

Rest of the process is the same as you do on any other phone. Such as you can browse your library and choose a song from a long alphabetically organized list of songs.

You will be given many options to make different playlists for different kind of songs, for example, some songs you wanna listen when you are working out, some songs will help you during doing boundary or any other household work. So that you can make different playlists for different moods and works.

You can choose your music from genres for example if you feel like dancing you can choose the dance genre. There other several genres such as rock, acoustic etc.

The browse feature will allow you to get access to apple music contents such as apple playlists, music video, chats etc.

The radio feature will take you to the different and famous radio channels.

2. How to add music

There are some simple ways through which you can add music to your iPhone. First thing you can do is to purchase music from iTunes. For that, you will need an Apple ID.

Signing up for apple music also lets you add music to your music library. Although one of the easiest ways to add music is to sync your Mac or PC with your phone and import music files to your iPhone.

3. How to download music

After signing up for apple music you will get access to the whole music library. But you have to pay for that. But its worth it as it will provide you access to 45 million songs. You can get the monthly subscription for $9.99. To play these music files without the data you can download by tapping on the + sign and it will be downloaded to listen offline.

If you wanna see lyrics of the songs and sing along you can tap on the three dots on the bottom and see various options, choose the lyric option and sing aloud with your favorite track!

You can make playlists of your favorite music by tapping on the new playlist option in your library and you can simply choose the favorite songs from your music collection and add them in the playlist. You can also name the playlist and add some details.

Hope you find this guide how to play music on iPhone helpful.

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