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Best Apps To Animate In Android 2021

Images and videos are the main features of accentuating social media feeds. Every social media platform has splendid functionalities to post images with the best resolutions and clarity to appease people in huge proportions. A social media buff would exactly know the significance of images that capture the attention of onlookers to a great extent. The animated photos like GIFs and videos serve as normal icons people use as reactions or conventional responses.

Those days, illustrious feeds were a great deal and they are composed with great difficulty. Nowadays, filter images and animation are a usual concept that people use frequently to their accord or whims without any ado. Photo-editing apps have been on the rise and each of them outdoes the existing ones by competing for their features on display and clarity.

Animating a normal picture helps a great deal in punctuating your posts and beautifying them promptly. However, you have to be acquainted with the process of doing it with the correct animation app that befits your purpose. Since there are a lot of animation apps inundated in the web world, it might be difficult to zero in on one. This document would aid in filtering the right animation app and the features that work best for the benefit of the people.

Many animation apps that you buy from Google app are valid but it is also interspersed with some invalid apps that are dummy. We have to be wary of what app we chose to buy or install as it must be a working application that delivers good results. In this document, we would go about elucidating on the right apps and how it is helpful.


This is a multi-faceted animation app that has many advanced features. It is one of the highly-rated apps that people use in abundance. The pace at which it animates the images is also a spoken-about functionality that works in its favor. The pictures turn out to be interesting and exciting with the magic touch of the app. The customization in the application extends up to freezing snippets of the image and also applying filters to beautify the content of the pictures to your accord.



Usually, GIF images are animated to look more captivating. This is the best app to do that given the exquisiteness it serves while doing that. The quality is top-notch and considered to be more user-friendly with an easily navigable interface to its credit. It is not studded with unwanted features that fill the space to retard the effectiveness of the usage. One factor that could be a flip side of the application is it leaves an identity watermark in all the animated images it delivers. It is a paid application and would eliminate that watermark only for the subscribers if they want it. It is accommodative in both Android and iOS devices without any extra configurations. Touted to be one of the best animation applications, it is excessively used by the masses.



The animation effects of this application are exemplary and are used to create live photos and wallpapers easily. Dragging paths to the angle of the images could enable animation effect to the pictures with alight motion effect. This is another app that leaves an identity mark on the images and is only eliminated for paid subscribers. One of the best apps that are animated directly in the path designed by the users and work best as an animation application that suits the needs of the users to their accord.


StoryZ Photo Motion:

Sometimes still images can also be molded and animated to serve as a visual story. This application is the best for such service which makes the still pictures to get a life of their own. The pictures would be redesigned to move and act according to the customization option available in the application. It is touted to be a more technically-suited application with exciting features to captivate its users. The color layers and movements are brilliant and tempting for the users to the maximum.

StoryZ Photo Motion


This application has some advanced features including 3D effect and camera FX tools. It is user-friendly and the interface is speck and span. It works with motion points and wherever you drag it, the movement of the image would follow that trail. You can also freeze the parts which you don’t want animated. A splendid application that is used for contemporary customizations and advanced animation. The audio effects are also excellently incorporated alongside the animation it goes through.



This application gives a living effect to the image and the filters work magnificently to incorporate the best animation. The photo effects are available in abundance that completely overturns your images graphically and makes them livelier in the nick of time. The results are also very creative and more realistic in the outlook.



A video editor that serves the dual purpose of animating images as well. Any random image from your galleries could be turned into a lively animated image within minutes. A normal photo is converted to Gif with an excellent animation effect with the help of this application. Videos get a brilliant makeover apart from image animation in this application.



Beautiful and captivating photos can be converted to videos and visually movable images with the help of this app. The video loops created from images are beautiful and very eye-catching as the application has features to animate your images exceptionally. The input fed into the app could be an image from a gallery or some social media accounts. This could brighten your profile pictures and animate them visually without much ado.


Loop animator editor:

Sometimes the album stored in your phones could make for memorable experiences. If they are archived and made into an animation movie, the rendering of something like that would be pleasurable. This loop editor does that extremely well. With exceptional overlays and presets, the images turn out to be a beautiful video slideshow displaying motion effects at their best.

Loop animator editor


Images and illustrations have become the mainstay of any commercial platform right from social media to web designs. It would do good if the images look more captivating and livelier to attract the audience to a larger extent. The only recourse to accomplishing something like that is by enlisting and leveraging the best animation apps that fit the bills. The correct animation apps with the right effects can turn the pictures into clickbait and make them more enriching.

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