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The Best Fitness Apps For iPhone That You Should Know

The use of iPhone is gaining popularity all over the world due to its reliability. So, whether you are trying to lose weight or keep fit as an athlete or body builder, your iPhone can be a great tool to fulfill your dreams. Apart from helping you to buy anabolic steroids online at the iPhone can be host to one of the greatest fitness apps to track the number of calories you burn per session, keep your training schedule and most importantly give you the best source of fitness information. The top rated iPhone fitness apps include the following;

ActivityTracker App

This app can easily be downloaded from the app store. The beauty of using the app is that it is versatile and saves the battery. Some of the activities it can track include the calory intake, calorie burning during various fitness activities and the time you spend on an activity. Furthermore, you can refer to these data later to make comparisons and milestones. The fact that the app does not need a GPS to track your activities makes it worth for power saving. Should you need to switch your phone, then all you need is to move your fitness data to the new device. In deed, this is an app worth having for all fitness enthusiasts.

Fitness Apps For iPhone

Couch to 5K app

When you are planning to have a running competition, this is the app to use. It involves a nine-week training to the users and prepares them for the big day. It is synced with the iPhone’s GPS and this makes it easy for the app to keep the track of your running distance, terrain, and altitude. It also covers other fitness related exercises to increase the stamina and perseverance. Whether you prefer the audio directions or using the apple watch, this app is ready for you.

7-minute workout app

People with busy work and business schedules could not ask for more. This is the perfect companion they need on their iPhones. The beauty of opting for this app is that the short workouts do not need any equipment to achieve. You can jump into them first thing in the morning before heading for the shower and the busy day ahead. Likewise, they also work well before bed time shower.The tracking system will tell you the progress.


There is a lot which makes this app very popular among the iPhone users. It has a detailed database of healthy nutrition to keep people fit. Users can enter what they have been consuming and this is shared to other users of the app. The app is compatible with numerous fitness trackers for the best results.

Apple Health app

As much as you will chase most of the fitness apps in the market today, not many can beat the inbuilt iPhone’s fitness app. It can be smoothly linked to activity tracker to widen its options like keeping tabs on your exercises of all sorts, how you manage calory intake and burning as well as sleeping patterns. The app is also helpful in the case of an emergency by medical doctors to check allergies and other fitness patterns.

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