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At What Age Should Kids Start Studying Math?

Kids begin to understand the concept of numbers at a very early age, so there is no harm in teaching them to recite the numbers even before they can properly talk. This means that you can start teaching your kids numbers as early as 12 months. However, studying math will come much later when your child is at least 4-5 years, since kindergarten children do not have the mental capacity to grasp studying.

Kids Start Studying Math

It is important that you constantly recite the numbers to your kindergarten kids, as they can easily forget if they do not get enough practice. Starting to teach your kids math at an early age can benefit you in many ways:

  • Give your child an advantage for when they begin school
  • Help them develop their math skills
  • You will be able to quickly spot if they are gifted
  • You will be able to spot if your child is special needs

Play games together with your kids that will keep them engaged while they learn. Written math lessons will not work at an early age. Start with shapes and colors, and singing the numbers in a fun way with your kids. Once your kids get older, use dices, abacus, and exercises such as counting worksheets for kindergarten to make counting, adding and subtracting numbers easier for them. Additionally, the littlest of learners will also learn things like how different numbers added together can give the same value, and how to write some numbers.

If your kids seem to be having difficulties with retaining information or understanding what you teach them, remember to exercise patience. Attention span and learning capabilities differ with each child, so it is important that you recognize what works best for your child, and stick to that method.

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