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How Teach to One Reformed Mildred Osborne Charter School’s Math Program

We live in an era of personalization. The platforms that we log into – social media accounts, e-commerce sites, and music-streaming channels – all collect our data to offer personalized recommendations. Every piece of software that we use, every customer experience, every interaction, is tailored to our individual needs. Until now, teaching has been one of the only niches that lacks personalization. However, with Teach to One’s innovative learning model, we can now give students ownership over their learning, let them control their educational narratives, and maximize their social learning growth.

Mildred Osborne Charter School in New Orleans is one of many schools nationwide that has adopted Teach to One’s personalized learning model to enhance student progress. The school specializes in social-emotional learning for children with special educational needs. Mildred Osborne Charter School is in its first year of using Teach to One.

How the Teach to One Innovative Learning Model Works

Teach to One is a a math-focused personalized learning model developed by New Classrooms Innovation Partners. The teachers at Mildred Osborne have incorporated this platform into traditional classroom settings. Children work with teachers, their peers, and highly intuitive software to practice math skills. This innovative method keeps students engaged in a subject that can be difficult for many children to focus on and grasp effectively. 

Students follow an individual route based on their particular educational needs. The Teach to One program analyzes each child’s answers on daily quizzes to create personalized learning schedules for the next math lesson. The more personalized learning sessions children partake in, the more tailored their educational routes become. 

Standards-Focused Learning Versus Social-Emotional Learning

With so many schools prioritizing proficiency over growth, many children land in middle and high schools with huge gaps in their knowledge. Such learning gaps are difficult for teachers to fill while complying with rigid educational frameworks in preparation for state assessments. Currently, only one-third of children leave elementary school ready for middle-school math. Less than a third of students nationwide leave middle school ready for high-school math. 

This is why Teach to One offers a new educational angle for students. “It’s a big shift from the traditional mindset, but it can’t be true that live, teacher-led instruction for all kids at all times is the best way for each of them to learn,” says Teach to One founder Joel Rose. In student-focused environments, each child’s learning journey should be ambitious and achievable, catering to their needs and strengths.

Success at Mildred Osborne Charter School

The Teach to One math program is motivating Mildred Osborne students to challenge themselves in math lessons. Parents are impressed by the personalized learning approach, saying that they would have benefited hugely from the program during their school days. School visitors are also impressed by the level of autonomy that the students are showing within their modalities, from peer-to-peer and small-group collaboration to individual exercises and their relationships with teaching staff. 

However, the program isn’t just about maximizing children’s educational growth. Teach to One is also designed to make the teaching process smoother. The program has enabled a higher level of collaboration as Mildred Osborne teachers aim for a common goal: to prepare each student effectively for high school and beyond.

Moving Forward With Teach to One

Multiple factors come together to make Teach to One successful: human capital, coaching and feedback, instructional leadership, use of space, professional learning time, and technology. Transparency is important to New Classrooms, which publishes annual reports for all partner schools to highlight student performance in state tests and NWEA’s MAP assessments.

Any school can use Teach to One. Over 10,000 students currently enjoy the program across 11 states. Learn more about Teach to One and how personalized learning can benefit students here.

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Ann Castro
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