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Ten Ways to Be a Successful Student and Still Have Time for Fun

How many times have you wished, “I wish someone would write my paper for me”? The truth is that students need to devote a considerable amount of time to their studies. However, a functional social life and letting your hair down once in a while is also vital for the all-around development of your personality.

This is where the struggle lies for most. Allocating time between the two spheres of life may seem pretty easy, but inevitably, the more convenient one (we all know which is which) gets the upper hand, or the student studies all day long, which is equally bad.

Successful Student and Still Have Time for Fun

Easy option

Let’s address the most popular plan B that is on everyone’s mind first: academic writing services. In recent times, these online writing companies have become a big hit within the student community. This is because assignments can be delegated to professional writers, who do the entire work for a small sum of money.

While most of these companies are bona fide, make sure that you still check the credentials of the writers, the general reviews of the company, and most importantly, the amount they charge should be within your budget. This is why asking for samples is a good idea.

Sorting assignments

Organization is necessary for a student to focus. Here are some professional tips to improve your academic performance:

  • Beat procrastination: Tell yourself that you will only study for five minutes, but study diligently. Once you get in the flow, five minutes will automatically lead to five hours.
  • Make timetables: At the beginning of every week, make a routine that you can stick to at all odds. This means that you will have to be realistic about your abilities.
  • Sorting priorities: If you are weaker in math than in physics, devote more time to the former. Adjust your study slots according to your specific advantages and disadvantages.

Splitting time

While allotting time between studies and having fun, make sure that the proportion is right. Be honest with yourself. If you have an academically challenging week ahead, try to cut down on the time that you allotted to fun activities. Similarly, if all your friends are out of town but you are free, don’t spend it cooped up in your room. Instead go biking or treat yourself to a nice movie and dinner.

This is why the timetable should be altered every week in order to accommodate changes. Be responsible and don’t overdo either sides of the spectrum.

Pocket money

Students, especially those at the college level, are always in need of money. Thankfully, because of widespread accessibility to the Internet, a ton of part-time jobs have sprung up for students to earn via. For instance, writing jobs from home are a common choice. These jobs are always looking for students, who are actively involved with academics, so that their fresh knowledge can be put to good use.

Internships are a good way to earn money, and furnish your resume for future use. However, some internships do not pay anything. Make sure that the place where you are interning is suited to your goals and line of study.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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