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Unlocking the Power of Animated Video Production: A Comprehensive Guide

Today the world is full of a variety of different videos. And marketing is not an exception. It is an effective way to increase the popularity of the brand or to explain anything in a short time.

Animation Production

To make you more aware of the animated video production, its components and details we are introducing some information. Probably, the content below will be helpful if you going to make or order a video project for certain purposes.


The starting point for creating clips. You have to set a story or the idea, think about its characters, and location. The length of the movie is important too. Usually, 30 seconds up to 2 minutes is a suitable format for different messages. If you want to have the video made by other people, supply them with a brief description of the project.

Total design

At this stage, all of the pictures, backgrounds, and characters are brought to life according to the wishes of the person. Companies like Frantic creative’s animation studio will often give clients a sight of the result so that people can ensure that things have the proper style. It is essential to ensure that everything is fine and that they don’t need reworking. This is because creators don’t know exactly what you have in mind so there can be some misconceptions.

Furthermore, choose the style. If it is an explainer video, the good choice will be 2D animation, motion design, infographics. For promotional videos among the previous, there are also screencast, 2.5D, live stop motion, live-action.


There is a special group of people that give a voice to the video. It seems to be that every video has a human speech talking about things or explaining the concepts. If you don’t do it on your own, try to find professional artists. They have everything for perfect voice acting from essential skills and practice to the high-quality equipment and a correct place for audio recording. Also, make sure that the type of voice is correct for presentation your brand. Voiceover artists are able to change the tone of the speech so try to find the best and applicable style.

Music and sounds

It is another part of audio usage in video projects. If you already have a brand associated with specific sounds it will ease the process. If not or the movie is for other purposes than it will take a little more time.

A sound accompaniment is a great tool to influence the viewers. Once they hear something, people often remember it quickly. Hence, if you’re trying to expand the audience for your music, find out more here. The website is simple to use, and the customer support representatives are courteous and helpful. They support artists with their sounds by using the most cutting-edge tools and social media strategies since they believe that traditional methods are outmoded. Hence, you have a greater possibility of drawing attention to yourself by using catchy noises. These audio effects are frequently simple yet nonetheless powerful.

As for the music, try to choose the composition that will not take on a lot of attention.


The name of the last but not least step speaks for itself. At this stage the simple collection of videos is transforming into a real video. Animation and design are the longest processes. Sometimes a client of the company can be involved in the creation a lot so that he will be fully delighted.


When you are working with a company to make the video, you should expect that prices can vary. Of course, mostly it depends on the length of the video and format. 60 seconds of high-quality video content usually cost about 1000-3000$. The sum might be quite big for the first sight but think about the possibilities. But the popularity of this format is impressive and absolves the investments. Think about how much impact will it have and how many clients you will get. Thus, such investments will be a good choice.

As you can see, the whole progress includes many aspects that require a bit of your attention. To make a gorgeous example of the successful projects be ready to spend not only money but also time. But the advantages worth it.

John Paul
John Paul
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