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FamiSafe: The Virtual-World Guardian

Its 21st century, today even a one-year-old kid can use a technological device. The devices have both a positive and negative impact on the child. The positive being that they can learn interesting things from the internet which books wouldn’t teach them. While the negative being that your child could become addicted to the screen which in turn would affect their mental health or they can cyber-bullied by the vultures on the internet.

Hence you can never be sure that what direction the device will take your child into. The developers at ‘WonderShare’ understand your concern and have come up with a solution named ‘FamiSafe‘. It is an app that allows you to keep an eye on your child’s habits both online and in the real world.

The features have been designed in such a way that it spies in such a stubble manner that they wouldn’t be alerted or overwhelmed with your protectiveness over them.

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Here are some of the features

•  Monitor Location History

Not only would it help you track location real-time but it will also help you track where your child was during the whole day. It will help you take precautions if your child has been in any suspicious places.

•  App Usage

There are numerous apps on the play store so you never know when your child might be using a harmful app or is getting addicted to some apps. This feature of the app will help you block apps and monitor the usage of the apps your child is using.

•  Website

There are certain harmful sites on the internet which can be harmful to your child’s intellect and mind. Hence this app allows you to block those websites so that your child can be prevented from viewing them.

•  Screen time

Technological devices can be addictive so you want to monitor your child’s screen time. This app allows you to set a time schedule when your child would use the device and when they won’t be able to use their phone. It reports the time when your child uses their phone, hence you can track their screen time

•  Personalized setting

The best feature of this app is that you can control and set the settings of your app. You can also set the restrictions on the amount of parental control you want on your child’s device.

•  Prevent Cyberbullying

Detect suspicious content and you will be notified on offensive words in your kids’ SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger or Messenger Lite on Android device. You can also add the offensive words to get alerts and prevent your kids away from online bullying.

•  Track Real-time Location

This will help you track the location of your child at any time and at anyplace. Also other than that if your child goes into any suspicious places. You will be alerted via an alert through the app on your phone

The developers of the app have also thought through the possibility that parents might not be technology-buffs. Hence the app has a user-friendly interface and an easy to go process.

However, even after all this you’re not satisfied you can test the app on a free ‘3 day trial period’

After that, you can subscribe to one of the monthly and yearly plans. But that’s not it!

If you use the coupon ‘SENFSOFF’ you can get a 20% discount

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Ann Castro
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