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All You Need to Know About Mean Stack Web Development Training

MEAN stack is an open source JavaScript bundle used for developing web sites and web applications. MEAN stands for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJs, and Node.js.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database system which works on the concept of collection and documentation. This makes it easy to pass data between client and server by saving data in binary JSON format.

ExpressJS is inspired by the Ruby framework, Sinatra. It has a variety of features for developing mobile and web applications.

AngularJS has a data binding and dependency injection feature which helps eliminate much of unwanted codes which would otherwise have been written.

Node.js is efficient since it uses an event-driven, on-blocking I/O model. It is free to use and can run JavaScript applications outside the browser.

MEAN is a rearrangement of initial letters of a group of technology, and switching the base platform from OS to JavaScript runtime has helped achieve OS independence. It’s an initial web development platform with superior texting frameworks like Jasmine JS, KarmaJS, and MochaJS. It is completely written on JavaScript. While the platform is easy to learn, taking a Mean Stack Web Development training can help users navigate the platform more easily.

Mean Stack Web Development Training

Why take a MEAN stack training?

Stack developers are a valuable asset to any organization, and the more skills developers have in their kitty, the more in demand they will be. Here’s how formal training can help developers better understand MEAN stack web development.


JavaScript-based engineers are in demand by most employers since JavaScript is emerging as the most used programming platform. MEAN stack is a versatile single programming language which adapts to a range of web apps. job trend report shows that the demand for MEAN stack developers has seen an 8% rise since 2017.

Understand core Node.js building blocks, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and MongoDB

Learners will understand the core Node.js application, which works on the back-end away from the developer’s eye to fetch relevant and perform operations. ExpressJS supports Node.js projects. MongoDB is a NoSQL structure database manager. AngularJS, on the other hand, works on the HTML-style framework.

Active Community

JavaScript has the most active developer community. This is especially helpful for beginners since learners can get quick guidance from developers across the globe. Being an open source software, all MEAN technologies are available for free in its various libraries and repositories.

Unique execution environment

MEAN programming is fully written in a single language, and due to this, it enables client-side and server-side execution with ease. This feature also makes it easy to learn and quick to execute. Say you use Node.js as your web server, you won’t need Apache or LAMP stack. Developers can deploy their programs directly on the server and don’t need another stand-alone server.

Real-time applications

Applications that can serve real-time demonstrations are becoming increasingly popular, and MEAN is the best development platform when it comes to developing such applications. MEAN’s single-page applications ensure that web pages need not be constantly updated.

Requirements for the training

  • Basic experience in developing web applications.
  • Knowledge of CSS and HTML.
  • Knowledge of JavaScript.
  • Command Line Interface.
  • A Text Editor or IDE.

What will you learn?

Here’s what learners can learn from the training:

  • Creating enterprise-level applications with advanced features.
  • Understanding the latest versions of Node.js, Express js, Mongo DB, Angular 4.0.
  • Implementing technology and best practices for future use.

Microsoft Power Bi

Power Bi is a collection of apps, software services, and connectors that work toward making your unrelated data into interactive visual insights. Users can identify important data sources and share them with anyone. Insights can be easily and quickly created from an Excel spreadsheet or a local database. It also serves as a decision and analytics for group projects or the entire corporation. A Microsoft Power Bi course can help you understand the platform better.

Power Bi has three elements: Power Bi desktop, the service, and mobile apps. Power Bi Desktop is used for designing and publishing reports to the Service. Power Bi mobile apps are for Android, iOS and Windows and tablets. The primary of these three elements is to help people create and share insights in a way that serves them. Power Bi Report Server can help you publish Power Bi reports on an on-premise server.

The Bottom Line

A web developer or entrepreneur who wants to check their own applications can benefit from this course. While there are numerous tutorials that can be used to learn MEAN stack, formal training is the most beneficial for improving your job-related skills.

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