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All you need to know about TFT Displays

It has been a while now since the battle between IPS and TFT displays has begun. There are several applications of these two screen types, and you will find them being used in numerous devices across the globe. IPS refers to the in-place switching which is primarily used for LCDs whereas TFT refers to thin film transistor, another LCD screen technology.

A variety of manufacturers nowadays are using TFT displays. With tons of applications and processing from companies like, the TFT screens are gaining popularity.


What is a TFT LCD?

As stated, TFT refers to Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display, which is one of the thinner types of displays. It uses a transistor in combination with the crystal gate. The transistors are printed on a thin film and provide stunningly clear and high-quality images with sharp contrast and high addressability.

Designed in the late 1980s, the TFT displays offer higher color and contrast as well as response times when compared to matrix LCDs. Also, you will find that TN technology is less expensive as compared to the IPS panels. However, with the modern day application and advancements in TFT, especially the introduction of intelligence and customization as done by, you may find some thin film transistor LCDs costing more than IPS.

Benefits of using TFT displays

Many people find it tough to choose the right screen type for themselves. You may have a hard time thinking about which sort of screen will suit you the best. Well, it is advised that one should consider his or her requirements and then consider the features of various displays before selecting one. As for TFT screens, here is what they bring to you.

Superior color display

If you want to experience color at its best, you should consider TFT. The technology offers superior color display and can make the images and videos pop up very crisply. Especially if there are different hues of color, you will be able to experience the difference.

Clear images

One of the primary things that you want when you look at an image is its clarity. If the image is not clear, the details will be vivid, and there are chances that the person viewing the picture will miss a few things. Therefore, the clarity matters and with superior color and better contrast, you will be able to get clearer and sharper images on TFT screens.

Longer life

TFT LCDs feature a longer life. You might have noticed that the displays start to get dim after a certain period. It is taken as the half-life (number of hours before which the display brightness is reduced to 50%). TFT displays have a longer half-life when compared to OLED and other screen types.

What else?

Apart from the above, the TFT provides 1: 1-pixel mapping, which means that the exact number of pixels in resolution will be mapped to screen in a similar fashion. There is no ghosting, and these displays can be interfaced with numerous types of controllers and buses to enjoy superior control.

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