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All You Need To Know About Handheld Aviation Radios

In this vast growing contemporary era where new technologies techs are emerging day by day, walkie talkies – most popularly known as “two-way radios” have become very common nowadays. They can be widely used in replacement of Mobile phones as they aid in life threatening disasters. What was the last time you cherished the airplane flying highly in the skies? Have you ever wondered the uphill battle done behind it? The torment behind making the airplane to reach its destination safe and sound is surely a crucial yet susceptible task. The main purpose of this article is to narrate you the know how of handheld aviation radios and its secluded features which you may have not been even imagined!

Handheld Aviation Radios

How were aviation radios invented?

Let us take a kick start with the emergence of handheld aviation radios. As mentioned above, the significance of walkie talkie came into being in the Second World War. It basically consists of two components used for transmitting the signals. One of them is called transmitter and the other is called receiver. It is an intrinsic half duplex communication device which means data has to be transferred simultaneously. The look wise image of a handheld receiver basically corresponds to a telephone set.

Functioning of Handheld aviation radios

Moving forward, a walkie talkie inherent the following features:

  • Battery
  • Antenna
  • Microphone
  • Speaker

Now that you’ve got the knowledge regarding the usage and characteristics of aviation radios, let us ascend to their hidden secrets. Consider that you’re flying in an airplane. What if suddenly a slight turbulence occurs? You may start panicking and get frightened isn’t it? Aviation radios play a vital role in life alarming emergencies. You just have to turn them on and send the desired message. They are more decisive than mobile phones and can be remotely used anywhere. Unlike mobile phones, these radios do not demand towers to be installed.

Handheld Aviation Radios

Walkie talkie – a safety gadget for your children

They say prevention is better than cure. No matter how much secured your living area is, you should always keep yourself protected so as to hinder any unlikely happenings. You should teach your kids the usage of aviation radios. The best part of these radios is that they are very user-friendly. You just don’t have to go through different tutorials to learn how to use them. On the other hand, due to the exclusive design of aviation radios kids will find it much attractive to learn.

Natural disasters are all caused by God’s will and we cannot really do anything about it. Due to unlikely happening of floods, tornados, earthquakes, the mobile towers are all destroyed. Aviation radios can be used as an alternative to gather People around. Communication can easily be maintained through their use. One can setup a connection to aware People around them.

We all know that where an object has its advantages, it also does contains some drawbacks. Let us consider some pros and cons of handheld aviation radios:

Pros of aviation radios

  1. The battery life of aviation radios is much more as compared to mobile phones. They can easily be used up to 20hrs per day however depending on their use.
  2. Airplanes are often quite noisy due to the sound of its engine. These aviation radios are highly used for purposes in a rowdy environment. You can clip them in your collar whenever you wish to.
  3. Walkie talkie are very convenient to use and readily available everywhere.
  4. They are very low in cost. They do not require a very broad budgeting.

Cons of aviation radios

  1. Aviation radios require license in most parts of the world due to which it becomes crucial for some businesses to buy.
  2. The most unfavorable aspect of walkie talkies is that it doesn’t supports full duplex transmission. Only one person can talk or speak at a time unlike a phone call where two People can talk simultaneously.
  3. Through the use of walkie talkie, People can easily pop in through your conversations. This is one of the most negative thing to consider that you don’t have any privacy between conversations.
  4. In urban areas, signal distortion becomes quite excessive and hence cannot be used extensively in urban areas.

So above mentioned were the properties of aviation radios. If you personally ask about my opinion, I would recommend you to get this device as soon as possible! It is yet a great gadget for your tours or excursion trips. Even if you don’t find them much economical to use, there are several companies that even rent their walkie talkies! As simple as that! Moreover, you can find the pros and cons from this article. You might have noticed that disadvantages of aviation radios are not that exorbitant! I

I really hope you find my article effective and it assisted it enhancing your knowledge regarding handheld aviation radios and their unique features.

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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