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Seven Presents Ideas for Your Man for 10 Euros

Will your friend or husband soon have his birthday? Or you intend to make him a present for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, wedding or friendship anniversary? In fact, there are lots of occasions when you would want to give a present to your beloved husband or boyfriend. However, you do not want or cannot afford spending a lot or you have no good ideas on what to buy, especially for such a budget? We would like to give you some tips on present ideas for the sumof 10 euros, and these presents will make happy both young and elderly men.


  1. A safety razor

You will hardly believe, but you can buy a good safety razor for 10 euros or even less. At we have a wide selection of inexpensive and more expensive safety razors. And if the safety razor is inexpensive, it still does not mean inferior quality at all. For example, such cheaper safety razors like “Adler”, “Esperanza”have the same functions like their more expensive equivalents, like dry and wet cutting, possibility to use without power cable, and they can be washed with water. The only difference between cheaper and more expensive safety razors is their power. 

  1. Wireless earsets

If you man whom you want to give a present leads an active way of life, he will surely be happy to get wireless earsets. With a budget of 10 euros you could choose any type or any colour. We can offer earsets from very tiny and hardly visible in the ear till big headphones which cover the ears in full. Men who like classic style should enjoy black, and those men who want to be original, can have white, bright green, light blue, orange, and other colours.

  1. Car accessories

If your beloved man has a car, he would be happy to get some accessories too. Such accessories both can add something for a more pleasant and comfortable car ride, and at the same can be valuable presents. Some ideas for you – a steering wheel cover, stylish gear shift level top, car holder for his phone or coffee cup, and like. 

  1. Socks

You might think that socks can be a boring present. However, socks are not just accessories to the masculine clothing. They can become part of the image and help to differ from the crowd. If your man whom you want to make the present to is a clerk or an office man and often wears a suit, buy him single colour socks. If he likes leisure style type of clothing, you can select multi-colour socks or socks with various nice patterns. For 10 euros you can really find high quality socks. We suggest choosing from bamboo fibre, high quality cotton fabric, and we recommend to select various thicknesses from very thin to thick for various seasons of the year. 

  1. Beard and moustache care items

Almost all men (and probably with very rare exceptions) like to care for their beard and moustache. If you want to make a surprise for your man, you can search for a quality and exceptional item. For example, for those who take care of their moustache, moustache wax can be a unique present. It will help to fixate the moustache as well as to take care and foster the moustache hair. For the bearded ones you can buy some beard washer. It will make the beard, after washing it, soft and easy to comb, the bear will have pleasant smells.

  1. Personalized presents

You can personalize almost anything by putting the name of the present receiver on his present. You can put that on a bathrobe, beer mugs, organizer book, or even a kitchen apron. And you can inscribe not only his name, but some funny words or phrases. Just try to remember some jokes your man once told to you, or your friends laughed at it, or you can put on some more serious or romantic words he once told you. All this can be on one item when even such usual presents, like T-shirts, mugs, and like can become unique and valuable presents.

  1. Food

Old wisdom tells that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And this is really true. Any food products may suit serve this purpose, but we suggest to look for something exceptional and with long “best before” dates. For example, a bar of some spicy chocolate, cheese, energy bars,a bottle of some good wine or craft beer. Of course, consider the preferences of your man before buying the present, and know what he likes most. He can be a big coffee fan, or like good chocolate or cheese. After receiving his favourite food as a gift your man would really feel beloved.

We sincerely hope that the above recommendations for your presents would ease your efforts in finding the best present for your beloved persons. And please have in mind that any presents can be really nice – safety razors, earsets, socks, and etc. if they are given together with nice and warm wishes. Because friendship and love is the best present which does not cost a penny!

After working as digital marketing consultant for 4 years Deepak decided to leave and start his own Business. To know more about Deepak, find him on Facebook, LinkedIn now.


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