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A Is Better Than A Massage At Spa: Here’s Why

It could come as a miracle if we tend to find time for a good massage service in the middle of the week! Our busy lives rarely leave us with any time to take care of our body. This is one reason why if visiting your favourite spa place looks like a challenge for you, you can always book a massage session at home post your working hours.

Whatever be your preferred massage treatment, you need to know that you most certainly need a good massage service every once a month. In this article, we will share with you exactly why it is such a monthly necessity for you, rather than branding it as a luxury service.

7 Reasons Why You Need A Massage Service At Home

Enjoying a spa session from the comfort of your home is a bliss like no other. You do not need to step out in the sun, drive for an hour and then sweat it out to reach your spa place.

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All you need to do is adjust your working hours to leave an hour or two for your requested massage type and then sit and enjoy the service at your very own homely space. So, let’s see some benefits of using massage service at home:

1. You Save On Your Travel Time

Whether you are a homemaker or a professional, or a young mother, you often tend to be juggling between a lot of things on a day to day basis that hardly makes you realize the demands of your body.

This is one reason why giving yourself a good massage at home can be a great gift to oneself. You could even be a young teenager who loves to pamper themselves, but you also feel lazy. So why make the effort to get all dressed up, fight the traffic, travel to a spa and wait in the queue for your turn – when you can easily book an appointment of home salon service right at the click of your button?

2. Give In To Your Mood

A spa place has a very peaceful and soothing ambience to them and there is absolutely no doubt to it but does that mood suit you? Sometimes you might feel like playing your own music, or wanting that the scented candles smell differently or the room was darker or brighter or the temperature of the air conditioner was higher or lower.

You can choose for yourself if you want the Tantric massage London on your bed, your couch or your lounge chaise. You could also run between a few snacks in between if you feel the urge, or read your favourite book while the masseuse gives you a good massage. So, in short, you can easily give in to your mood!

3. Spend Less For A Better And More Personalised Massage

If you are booking a massage service at home, you need to spend solely on the massage and the products that will be used, whereas if you were to go to your favorite spa you would have to bear the cost of the above two, along with the traveling cost, along with extra costs such as for equipment, maintenance and may be even for the space! So these distractions can be sidelined while you devote the entire time only for your comfort and body relaxation.

Moreover, if you are the kind of person who keeps a good check on their expenses then you will want to take up more massage at home service as it will cost you less.

4. It Is Suitable For The Elderly As Well As The Specially-Abled

If an elderly person or a specially abled person wants to have a massage session they would reconsider the idea as it would mean they would have to step out and take a service that might not be as therapeutic to them. Furthermore, they might not even feel comfortable in a spa! On the other hand, home salon service will give them exactly what they want, without having to feel uncomfortable.

The same applies for a pregnant woman or a new mother who won’t be able to give out many hours in the name of a spa, while leaving their kid behind as they would require constant maternal attention. For people like these, a massage at home session would be a good little happy break for them from changing diapers and feeding their kids, or spending time in taking medicines.

5. It Is Great For Home Events Such As Weddings And Parties

A lot of people opt for a luxury option such as spa at home in their lavish parties, even if it be a wedding. So the benefits of massage at home are tremendous!

You do not need to go out to your parlour aunty for getting your bridal makeup done, or deck you up for your kid’s birthday party or even your own. All of those hurdles will be gone in just a click of a button! Plus, you will individually be attended to rather than having your masseuse or makeup artist juggle between more than one people.

6. You Can Relax Even After Your Massage Is Completed

A body massage is meant to sooth your body and relax you. So having to book a massage service at home means you could be lying on your bed for hours after, unlike going to a spa and then driving back once the spa session is completed.

Practising yoga after a relaxing massage is a great way to keep your body flexible and in good shape, and doing so with crystal Yoni eggs is an ancient Japanese Taoist practice known to restore energy and sexual health. You can find these at

You can take your shower after your massage at any point you want when you are at home, or even fall asleep once the masseuse has left your home.

7. Let Your Holiday Be A Vacay!

When you go out on a vacation, you can never be sure which spa place near to you is a good option. So rather than spending time on enjoying and visit your sought after places, you would definitely not want to spend time finding a good spa place.

In situations like this, if you know your favourite home salon service app and it is live in your vacay location, you can easily book one at your preferred time slot and you can enjoy the goodness of spa from your homely vacay place.

Booksy Massage At Home: Your Shortcut To A Luxury Massage Service At Home

Booksy is a 100% trusted FREE booking system for customers looking to schedule appointments for health & beauty services. You can enjoy on-time and hassle free salon and spa services which is a therapy delight like no other. Choose from a wide range of massage services such as ayurvedic massage, Chinese massage, anti-cellulite massage, body massage, head massage,hot stone massage, lomi lomi massage, pregnancy massage, lymphatic massage, prenatal massage, oriental massage, Thai massage among many others. There are a total of 2 different massage services to choose from each being with options of 90 minutes, 110 minutes or an hour’s service.

The world of massage therapy is more like meditation that not just relaxes your body but also helps you relieve pain, relax your muscles, improves your postures and reduces stress. The health benefits of the same are immense so take a moment to consider the same from the comfort of your home, and you will experience the difference yourself on a more positive note!

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