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A Guide to Shop for a Memory Foam Mattress

It doesn’t matter how comfortable a mattress may appear to be, it is not necessary that it is the one suitable for you. It is essential for everyone to be aware of the fact that just like other products, mattresses are also available in different varieties and qualities. This guide will assist you in how should you go ahead with a memory foam mattress.


Considerations on Purchase of Memory Foam Mattress

  • Sensitivity Of Mattress to Body’s Temperature

A good quality memory foam mattress adjusts to your body’s shape when you lie on it. It also maintains the temperature of the body, thereby making sure that the person gets a healthy and uninterrupted good night sleep.

There are few types of memory mattresses, which are insensitive to the temperature of a person’s body and hence, few sellers tend to take the benefit of customers by selling them low quality goods.

You can easily test the temperature sensitivity of memory foam by putting a cube of ice on it for about 20 minutes. In case it gets hard and firm, the mattress is sensitive to temperature while if it doesn’t happen, the mattress is temperature insensitive.

  • All Memory Foams Are Not Same

Some people think that all memory foam mattresses are same and provide the same level of relaxation and comfort. However, this is something not true.

Shoppers must be aware of the fact that there are basically sellers of two types: one is shop based while other one is online. Both types of sellers try to sell their products by exaggerating or falsely advertising the product’s quality. High grade quality, entry level and the mid grade quality are three types of mattresses in the memory foam.

A mattress having density of around 40kg m/3 or higher is the best one to give proper body support. A mattress with small layer coverage of memory foam doesn’t last longer.

In comparison to this, a good quality memory mattress survives for 8-9 years and even more. Hence, the mattress’ density is an imperial factor, which can’t be overlooked during the purchase of a memory mattress.

  • Observe The Mattress’ Topping

For greater comfort, minimum 1.7 inches of memory form is needed on top layer of the mattress. Therefore, observe the layers of your mattress carefully, and bear in mind that the volume used in memory foam is of importance, even more than the thickness of the mattress.

In case, the mattress comes with a portable cover, take off that cover to check the memory foam in mattress. Further, check if the same is equivalent to the promise made by the manufacturer in advertisement.

  • Observe The Mattress’ Composition

These days, the level of competition among manufacturers for is increasing. This is dangerous to customers. Such mattress makers make use of foam, toxic material and other low quality substances for making mattress. Such materials have formaldehyde, PDBEs and CFCs etc. which are harmful to those who use them.

After filling these substandard materials, the mattresses are attached with a label, which mostly makes fake claims. Some buyers get trapped by not asking the seller about the composition of the mattress. Hence, to avoid such a situation, remember to check out the mattress’ composition.

Besides that, usually a memory mattress comes with warranty of at least 4 years. So, if your retailer is not agreeing to such a warranty, you should go for other options. You may checkout bed sale Black Friday for better deals.


This is a general guide for assisting you in shopping a new memory mattress.

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