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A Guide To Dropshipping By Can Mandir

Dropshipping has gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to it being a less risky venture. E-commerce, in general, too, has gained a wide audience for itself. All of these things have been possible mainly because of the pandemic. Sounds surprising, right?

Guide To Dropshipping By Can Mandir

E-commerce is a constantly evolving landscape which is why it is complex to figure out. To help you understand dropshipping during the pandemic, we have made a guide full of advice from Can Mandir, a successful dropshipper.

The influence of the pandemic

E-commerce witnessed a significant rise in the consumers looking for online business. Consequently, dropshipping was coming to the very top as well. The rise witnessed in e-commerce has been directly proportional to the rise of Covid. Since e-commerce revolves around establishing virtual shopping spaces, the shutting down of the physical world proved beneficial.

More and more people sought home deliveries for essentials as well as luxuries. As a result, the businesses which were operating online found a wide base of consumers looking for their services. Therefore, the pandemic has proved to be a boon for e-commerce agents.

Dropshipping basics

In his recent interview, Can Mandir explained the rise of dropshipping. While doing so, he also mentioned the basics of being a dropshipper and how one can establish a successful dropshipping venture. Below is all he had to say on the topic:

  • Mandir mentions the very essentials of dropshipping to be electronic devices with a proper internet connection. Since dropshipping operates on the web, one must have the tools to remain connected to the web. Thus, if you are looking to sell online, you should have with you a smartphone and a laptop/computer. Also, make sure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Aside from the physical requirements, one should possess the determination to work towards a successful dropshipping venture. The passion and the willpower to make it work will make it easier for you to continue moving in the impermanent landscape of e-commerce.
  • You should also have the time to work on your dropshipping venture. If you already have your hand full, you should consider relieving yourself from some of your duties. Dropshipping requires constant effort, which is why taking out 2-4 hours every day is a crucial requirement.

The negatives of dropshipping

Can Mandir believes that the negatives of dropshipping have to be the mindset of people. Further elaborating, he quotes, “There are still many people with an old mindset, who often leave their homes to go to the city center to buy things.” Thus, there are always going to be people who will prefer traditional ways of things; however, they will come around after noticing all the benefits.

Moreover, one should always remember that selling has always been a difficult trade, be it online or offline. Therefore, it is essential that one doesn’t let his mindset stop him from pursuing what one desires.

The future of dropshipping

The future of dropshipping is reflected in Mandir’s words when he quotes, “The e-commerce market will continue to generate the growth of revenue.” So, dropshippers can rest easy as the growth witnessed in e-commerce isn’t temporary. It is believed that e-commerce benefits consumers to an extent where physical markets have not yet reached. Consequently, it is difficult to give up shopping online.

Can Mandir also expressed his optimism towards the inclusion of crypto in dropshipping in the near future. His optimism towards the same is heavily influenced by both Elon Musk and his foresight. Thus, dropshippers should equip themselves with the required knowledge of cryptocurrency. In a nutshell, the future of both crypto and dropshipping is set to mark even more success than before.

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