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10 Must-Have Gadgets For Every Programmer

Programmers spend hours working at the computer and this can affect their mental and physical health if their workplace is not comfortable.

There are certain gadgets every programmer must have to help them improve their working experience.

Gadgets For Every Programmer

 Given below are some gadgets every programmer must have.

  1. Mechanical Keyboard

Mechanical keyboards use individual switches for each key while an ordinary keyboard uses a rubber dome and membrane for depression of the keys.

Programmers make a lot of repetitive strokes and mechanical keys are highly resistant to these. They also click a lot smoother and feel a lot lighter on the fingers compared to the spongy ordinary keys.

Overall, mechanical keyboards allow programmers to type faster and more accurately. They are available in a lot of custom designs and the more you pay, the more features you will get.

  1. Laptop Stand

For programmers who do most of their work on laptops, a laptop stand can be very helpful for increasing comfort and productivity. Instead of looking down to see the screen, you can elevate your laptop to a more comfortable viewing position. This will reduce strain on your neck and back.

Laptop stand helps to circulate the airflow, which reduces heating issues and results in hardware to perform at its peak. Always go with the best laptops out there so that even when you’re not using a laptop stand, you don’t face heating issues. According to, the best Laptop für Programmierer are Huawei Matebook 13, Dell XPS 15, Microsoft Surface 3, MacBook Pro and Huawei Matebook X Pro.

  1. Portable Monitor

Most programmers find it more convenient to work when they have an extra or second monitor. It is also helpful for programmers who have no space to set up a second computer.

Portable monitors offer programmers extra flexibility since they can be carried to any desired location for work. They are also available in a number of screen sizes and programmers can choose the one they want. These portable monitors can also be connected to your laptop instead of a computer.

  1. Adjustable Standing Desk

Programmers usually get little to no activity since they are required to sit for long hours. This can lead to back strain and other health problems.

Adjustable standing desks improve health, productivity and prevent spine compression issues. You can easily adjust the height of the desk according to your working position.

  1. Pomodoro Timer

A pomodoro timer helps programmers to split their work sessions instead of working in a single long stretch.

You can use the timer to set focus sessions for 25-30 minutes followed by a 5 minute break. This will boost productivity by helping programmers maintain their focus.

  1. Ergonomic Chair

Programmers sit for long periods of time so it is essential that they get a comfortable and ergonomic chair.

They should preferably go for chairs which have height adjustable features, high backrest, wide seating space and other ergonomic features.

  1. Noise Isolating Headphones

A lot of programmers tend to get distracted at their workplace due to ambient sounds or other distracting sounds. This can cause them to lose their focus easily.

The noise isolating headphones cancel out all the surrounding noises and even the sound of people conversing with each other.

  1. Light Therapy Lamp

Light therapy lamps are great for programmers who work a lot during the night. These lamps are designed to emulate natural light and this regulates your mood by sending signals to your brain. They can also help relieve stress and contribute to a more relaxed working experience.

  1. Computer Glasses

It is no secret that programmers spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. An average programmer spends about 6-8 hours in front of their screen.

Computer glasses are different from normal glasses since they block out or filter harmful blue light which causes digital eye strain. It can also help reduce other digital eye strain symptoms like blurred vision, dry eyes, red eyes and headaches.

  1. Certified Coffee Maker

Many programmers depend on coffee to help them stay productive and focused. A certified coffee maker helps them brew the perfect cup of coffee which has passed the SCA certification test.


If you know any programmer who struggles with their job or tends to lose focus easily, introduce them to these gadgets. They can immensely help improve their working experience.

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