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How To Improve Your Conversions Tremendously

As a prominent Seo Singapore Agency, one of the most common questions we receive from our clients is how to increase interaction with content. Believe it or not, you can use the same basic process to increase traffic and improve the amount of activity on your content, whether it be a video, a blog entry, a social media post, or a piece of digital art. If you’re a creator and want to find out how you can create more buzz around your content, continue reading below for our complete, in-depth, step by step guide on how you can improve your conversions.

Improve Your Conversions Tremendously

Are You A Content Creator? This Step By Step Guide Will Teach You How To Improve Your Conversions Tremendously!

As you read our step-by-step guide, keep in mind that not all of your content will necessarily need to go through every individual step in the process. Context, setting, and the type of content you create will ultimately decide which steps are most appropriate for your content. For example, a long-form social media post (i.e., a Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr post) about a new product should employ all of the steps listed below. Conversely, a short-form social media post (i.e., Twitter) may only utilize the first and fourth steps or none at all.

It is also vital to incorporate an even distribution of content that is not aimed at attaining conversions into your content that does. This provides your audience and your website with a better sense of balance that will ultimately help people better engage without feeling like you’re constantly trying to promote products or increase sales.

Furthermore, it should be noted that often there isn’t any correlation to be drawn from the quality of content pieces and the amount of activity that the content receives. Instead, it’s more likely that the type of content you create will play a more significant role in determining the type and amount of conversions it receives. This is due, in part, to the fact that various marketing funnels can lead customers to perform different, corresponding actions contingent upon your audience and your goals.

1. Identify and Target Your Audience / Customer

The first step to optimizing content for conversions is to identify your audience and/or customer. One way you may consider approaching this step is to create what’s referred to as ‘buyer personas,’ This is essentially an imaginary profile for your ideal customers.

Your fictitious profile should contain information like age, occupation, likes, and goals for the long and short term. You may also want to consider making up a fake name to help you better identify different fictitious mock-ups profiles in the case that you decide to create several personas to represent your audience.

Once you’re more aware of who your audience is, you can tailor your content to suit that audience’s preferences, wants, and needs.

2. Strategic Content Placement and Marketing

Before a potential consumer makes a purchase, they go through what’s commonly called the buying process. The buying process consists of the following stages:

  • Identifying a need or problem
  • Seeking information for need or problem
  • Comparing and evaluating alternatives
  • Deciding to purchase
  • Reflecting on purchase

You can use the buying process to decide where your content will best perform on your platform or website. By identifying where your customers are in the process, you can better attend to their needs and wants as it concerns your content.

3. Determine Your Content Goals

The adage, keep it simple, best describes the mindset you should take heading into step three. Now that you’ve identified your audience and placed your content, it’s time to determine what type of action you want customers to take.

Here is where the “call to action” starts to come into play. A call to action is, just as it sounds, an appeal to your customers to do something or your goal interaction. Here are some calls to action you may want to consider using for your content:

  • Subscribe to a service
  • Follow on social media for updates
  • Bookmark a page
  • Download a program
  • Print a free coupon
  • Sign up for a newsletter
  • Volunteer for a survey
  • Comment or leave likes
  • Download an ebook
  • Request an appointment
  • Watch a video
  • Make a purchase
  • Create a profile on your website

The key for this step is to focus your efforts on a single call to action rather than including multiple, as this can easily confuse audiences and prevent them from going forth with the action.

4. Incorporate Your Goals In Your Content

Keeping your call to action in mind (again, your goals), the next step is to incorporate said goals into your content naturally and unobtrusively. This might be in the form of the final sentence in a post, a button on a page, or a pop-up advertisement.

You can improve your content placing by using different context clues to entice your audience. Different wording, locations, colors, special effects, and graphic elements can help to make your call to action better stand out or blend in, depending on your goal. Try different techniques out, individually, to work out what works best for your content and your audience.

5. Analyze Your Content In Trials

If you’re using a website as your central platform for reaching your audience, then you might be familiar with the concept of analytics and just how useful they can be. Analytics are the data points that show the amount of traffic to, the types of interactions, and the number of successful conversions resulting from different pages, pieces of content, et cetera.

You can use this information to help you test out different aspects of your conversions in your content, as well as in tandem with multi-touch attribution models to understand your audience better and, ultimately, reach them more effectively.

Now that you’ve read through the five steps you can take to optimize your content for maximum conversions; you’re ready to begin! Be sure to start with your content that already receives the most traffic. Once you’ve completed the step by step process for your most popular pieces, move on to your smaller, lesser-known works. Additionally, as you create new content, be sure to integrate the steps that best apply to your content.

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