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9 Best Internet Marketing Tools For Pro Affiliate Marketers!

Affiliate marketing is a lucrative business model for many and it has been used by many brands and bloggers to mutually benefit each other. In this internet-powered age, this is even increasing and many newbie bloggers are using different advertising tools to improve their sales and affiliate income.

In this informative article, we have included 8  powerful advertising tools that help contemporary affiliate marketers to always increase their sales conversions and gain margin.

Let us start.


Buffer is just one of the very recommended affiliate marketing tools to effectively manage your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc..

You are able to schedule which article you want to publish in which buffer and platform will do the rest for you by automatically publishing those posts that engage your audiences and customers along with your recent social media actions.


  • It is simple to personalize the content for every social media type and print those articles on most of the social media channels at once.
  • You may schedule a publishing calendar for all your forthcoming posts and track the performance of these by assessing the number of clicks, enjoys, comments for social networking stations.
  • Buffer offers another wonderful feature referred to as ‘Pablo’ making it effortless to create beautiful posts for social websites for absolutely free.
  • In addition, something else which makes this tool popular among affiliate marketers is among the best customer service centers.


  • Starter program – free (3 accounts), Guru – 15$ monthly (8 accounts)
  • Advanced plan — Premium – $65$ per month (8 balances ), moderate business – 199$ monthly (50 balances )

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is Google’s one of the most popular and hottest free analytical tools. As an affiliate marketer, then it is quite important to monitor and analyze the traffic of their affiliate site.

Google Analytics makes it possible to examine your online effort, measure lead and conversion, find underperforming webpages, the positioning of your site’s traffic and many more.


  • Aside from monitoring the customer’s location, you can segment your viewers to find out the actions of your visitors for different devices, interests, etc..
  • Being an affiliate marketer you’re able to build a personalized customer profile and create a more targeted and specific affiliate offers and vouchers to get them.
  • It is possible to track your sales report utilizing Google Analytics by following some simple measures.

Pricing: Free


SEMRush is one of the very popular Competitors’ backlink analysis and search engine marketing tools. Online affiliate marketing is currently an extremely competitive industry and to be successful you’ve got to correctly assess how your competitors are performing on search engines, the keywords they are using in their own contents, number and quality of traffic they have obtained. Therefore it’s one of the critical tools you must have as an affiliate marketer. Also, you can head over to SEMRush Tutorials to help you get you started and soon use the tool to its full potential.


  • Using SEMRush, you can assess the traffic of your opponents’ sites to compare and execute them on your own link building plan.
  • You can easily discover the issues related to crawling and indexing of your website and take measures to correct them as fast as possible.
  • If you run any PPC campaign, SEMRush analyses the general campaign plan and provides you with a few actionable insights.
  • It is possible to discover just how much reaction (and quality) your posts are receiving from various social media platforms from your competition.
  • Additionally, you can find out the best performing posts of the competition, so you are able to write far better contents on these subjects to increase your SERP rank and increase visitors.


  • Pro – 99.95$ per month, Business – 399.95$ per month


Ahrefs is one of the preferred instruments of affiliate marketers and electronic marketing specialists. Ahrefs supplies an in-depth analysis of lost and new backlinks of your site, sites which are linking to the broken pages (404) of your site. In addition, it also finds out the link opportunities for you by reviewing your competitor’s website.


  • Competition Analysis – Learn the number of visitors your competition is getting for a specific keyword as well as the record of keywords your competitors are ranking for on SERP.
  • Backlink evaluation – Using its enormous database of 12 trillion links and 200 million root domain names you can completely examine the traffic of your competitors and compare them.
  • Keyword Research – Aside from displaying the listing of suggested keywords on a topic, it shows the ranking problem score for those keywords that is useful in determining if you should work on these keywords or not.


  • Monthly Strategies — Lite – 99$ per month, Agency – $999$ a month
  • Yearly Plans — Lite – 82$ per month, Agency – 832$ per month


Buzzsumo is a content advertising tool that makes it possible to comprehend recent market trends by revealing which content is a favorite among consumers and on which platform.


  • Buzzsumo is a platform where you are able to locate the most common contents on several different social networking platforms and track the performance of contents your competitors published. Besides, you can create new article suggestions to create first-class, initial, and new contents which will become popular amongst your readers.
  • You may narrow down your search by using infographics, long-form contents, videos, etc. to create new content thoughts. You may also search with a particular website to discover the most well-known articles of this on different social media channels.
  • Buzzsumo has a free and paid version. Although the free version is limited with minimal features, nevertheless those provide much helpful advice related to your internet affiliate advertising procedure.


  • Pro – 79$ per month, Enterprise – 499+$ per month


To attract people to your affiliate advertising website you need to write eye-catching headlines for every one of your contents. In this regard, Coschedule headline analyzer tool can help you create powerful headlines that pull and engage your audience to click through and remain on your site.


  • It gives a score to your headlines on the grounds of sentence structure, grammar, grammar, punctuation, readability as well as the emotional touch that’s very powerful to attach with your customers.
  • This instrument assesses the term count and in addition, in case the words used in the name are common or uncommon that provoke people to click on the title link.
  • Additionally, it examines the keywords’ ranking that provides you a crystal clear idea of if your name will make an impact or not.
  • Aside from headline assessing, Coschedule offers various marketing and advertising approaches like social media marketing, email marketing, etc. . one location.


  • Growing – 80$ per month, Business – 1400$ monthly

Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword planner is a free keyword analysis tool which provides the search quantity and the rivalry of the keywords. This is a potent tool for each marketer, especially when they operate paid advertising campaigns.


  • This instrument is helpful for affiliate marketers to correctly research the profitability of different markets, goods, and solutions through their keyword phrases. Though the keywords’ information they provide free of charge is restricted but still useful to figure out the broader picture.
  • It is possible to enter any competition’s domain name in your business to find a record of profitable keywords in the market to produce contents about those to develop your affiliate marketing website and increase your profit.

Pricing: Free


Canva is the ideal instrument for bloggers and internet affiliate marketers to create designs, infographics, and graphics with minimum work. You may also edit the photographs, add texts into images, and resize them based on your site’s design.


  • Using Canva, it is possible to design appealing images for various digital media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, website, youtube, etc..
  • It is possible to use its absolutely free stock pictures to create any graphics you desire without spending money on graphic designers.
  • Canva has both free and paid plans. However, the totally free plan supplies you with decent characteristics to match your needs unless you are a professional graphic designer.


  • Free program
  • Paid – 12.95$ per month
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