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How to Get iMessage on your Windows PC

iMessage, the multi-platform communication tool is undoubtfully one of the most popular features of iOS. With its latest updates and features, it is becoming even more useful. iMessage can be used on all their iOS devices, like iPhones and iPads, etc. Though there are many other messaging apps like Telegram, WhatsApp etc. iOS users still prefer iMessage. With the rising popularity of iMessage, most of the iPhone and other iDevice users today want their iMessage to be accessed even from their computers, be it at home or at their workplace.

This helps them to continue uninterrupted chatting with their family and friends. But this app works only on Apple devices.For the non-Apple users it is really tough to access iMessage from other devices. But have you ever wondered, when you have a Windows PC at your home or at work? How can we manage to get iMessage on PC? In order to enjoy iMessage on Windows PC, you need to follow certain tricks.

iMessage on your Windows PC

Steps to get iMessage on your Windows PC

You can try following the simple steps to make it possible and enjoy chatting from your Windows PC:

#1.You must have a Mac where iMessage is installed and computer with Windows

#2. Next, download and install Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both your computers

#3. Once you have installed, click on the launch app

#4.Host Installer on your Mac Download Chrome Remote Desktop

#5. Once you have downloaded, install it on your Mac

Here, you should note that Chrome Remote Desktop gives you access to another computer via Chromebook or Chrome browser. Besides, this also provides you easy and safe access your apps and files.

#6. You are provided with a 12-digit access code

#7. Use this code to connect both the and get started

#8. Comfortably enjoy iMessage on your windows computer

When you don’t have a Mac

Now, if you don’t have a Mac, but still want to use iMessage on your Garageband for Windows system, even that is possible. In this case, you need to download iPadian on your Windows system. iPadian is basically a third party software that creates a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Widows and lets you install Apple’s iMessage app on your Windows.

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But beware

It is strongly recommend that you avoid using such third-party apps such as iPadian that makes such promises as these apps contain malware. Practically, if you see, they are harmful and designed to trap users who opt for simple solutions. So, it is always better that you stay away from them.

How to access iMessage By jailbreaking

Currently, if you notice jailbreaking is one of the most popular ways adopted by people to access iMessage on a browser. By jailbreaking it means, replacing the actual iOS with a freshOS that provides better flexibility. By jailbreaking an iPhone you get to explore all the hidden features of the phone which is not possible with the basic or official version operating system. Moreover, jailbreaking of iPhone is also known to provide extra stability and a platform for a smooth functioning. With its help, users can now customize their iPhones as per their needs and desires. All such apps that are not available on the App store can also be installed when you jailbreak an iPhone. So, ultimately by jailbreaking an iPhone provides you with all the magnificent features which you expect as a user.

But again, it is not at all recommended that you jailbreak your iPhone as it automatically nullifies your warranty along with any other AppleCare+ that you had purchased. There is also a risk of “bricking” your device thus getting exposed to a lot of bugs, malware and you also face a higher risk of security breaches.

The final words

Getting to experience a smooth iMessage chatting feature across all platforms is something that everyone of us crave today. In this context we hope that Apple after getting this feedback with come up with some ideal solution to this messaging issue. But, till then, as it has been explained in this article you can adopt the trick provided here and get access to iMessage from your Windows PC right way.

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