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8 Reasons Why You Should Practice The Art of Reading

For a voracious reader, the world is made of two sets of people: the Readers and the non-Readers. If you relate to the former segment, you probably know that reading is not merely an activity. If you are a non-reader, we are discussing below 8 reasons why you should practice the art of reading.

Yes, you read it right! Reading is an art. When you read superficially, you may skim through the information. When you read with the intention to understand the perspective of the writer, you realize that your brain automatically starts creating a picturized description for you. You can consider this response to reading as an ‘art in the making’. Reading can be an addiction and once you start there is no stopping. You become a reader and a learner for life. This is what reading good books does to you. Without taking more time, let’s jump straight into discussing the top 8 reasons why you should start reading today!

Practice The Art of Reading

1- You need more than a handful of almonds to make you smarter

We have all heard it growing up no matter which country or ethnicity you belong to. A handful of soaked almonds make you smarter. Well, it’s true to some extent but honestly, you need more than just almonds to become a person with an intellectual brain.

By smart, we do not mean someone who is a ‘know it all’. Being smart has a broader meaning. It encompasses qualities such as reasoning with credible information backing your statements, having a larger perspective on the situation and problems, knowing the past and connecting with the present, and having an opinion on topics that matter. Reading allows you access to a large pool of information that you can use for your own growth by incorporating the learnings in your real life.

If you are wondering where to start, we have got you covered. Here is a compilation of a reading list that will make you smarter.

2- Empathy takes you a long way

One of the best and most common qualities you will find in frequent readers is empathy. They have read so much, they know so much, and they are aware of the many things that have happened in the past. When reading a writer’s work, if described well, it gives you a detailed tour of someone else’s life experiences, learnings, and the way they look at the world. Thriller writers such as J.D. Barker write about deeply flawed characters and reading about them offers a unique perspective that is otherwise near impossible to experience. You realize that people have different opinions on matters and subjects. You start respecting their understanding of life and look at incidents or problems objectively. Empathy is the only way to achieve a coexisting future.

Practice The Art of Reading 1

Thinking that today’s busy generation has enough leisure time to spend on reading a 400-page book would be a mistake. People may have the inclination to read and grow but their busy schedule does not permit it. In that case, we have a solution for you. The Headway app. It has a library of more than 1300+ text and audiobooks of 15-minute summaries. All you need to do is put on your headphones and listen to the carefully curated extensive range of book summaries provided by the app.

3- Learn more than speaking or writing

Let’s get one thing clear. Good communication skills do not mean language proficiency. It means being able to convey your ideas or emotions correctly without any room for doubts. Reading helps you achieve just that. No matter which book you are reading, fictional or nonfiction, regional or international, a thriller novel or an English literature book, one thing you are bound to take away from reading is a vast library of words and opinions. You learn how to frame sentences correctly so that listeners or readers understand exactly what you wish to convey.

In today’s world, there is no denying that communication skills play a crucial role in professional and personal space. If you are under-confident about your communication skills, all you need to do is pick up a book and start reading.

4- All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

If you really wish to live life to the fullest, it’s important to have some entertainment in life. What if we told you that learning and entertainment can be brought under one roof? If you read the right kind of books, you will notice that every reading material, fiction & nonfiction invokes a sense of learning. Take Rebecca for instance. It is a fiction book but makes you question the choices of the two female protagonists in the book. Every book has something to offer and it is up to the readers to decide what they wish to take away from the book.

5- Stress makes your hair gray

Reading reduces stress and it is a known or proven fact. It relaxes one’s mind and body. It is one of the best stress relievers and this statement should be enough to tell you why you should start practicing the art of reading!

Stress makes your hair gray


With this, we come to the end of our blog and we would like to conclude with just one thought. Reading is like time traveling. You can learn about the past, know the present, and predict the future by just reading as much as you can.

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