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Product Design Vs Industrial Design – What Is the Difference

Many consider product and industrial design in an interchangeable context, but these are quite distinct categories. Each field requires a particular skill set, with a few that overlap. Find out how industrial and product design differ at

In the product realm, the designer is more focused on the everyday, the individual pays attention to the intricacies and features of a particular item. The industrial designer concentrates on the mass production of key products. These can include autos, laptops, and on.

Product Design Vs Industrial Design

This individual’s objective is to continue improving an item until there is mass appeal. Each of these designers needs to have a basic knowledge of how product development works.

Product design does not need to venture into manufacturing know-how or understand the concept of CAD or computer-aided drawing. On the other hand, industrial engineers need to be versed in these processes along with engineering and business operations.

How Is Product Design Unique

How Is Product Design Unique

In each category, detailed skills create a difference between product and industrial design, making them distinct. Product designers earn unique required qualifications setting them apart. Let us look at the two fields individually.

· The interaction between people with the products is a key focus.

One aspect of a product designer’s skillset is developing an understanding of the interaction between people and products. The objective is to create items that are simple and comfortable for each person while recognizing that everyone will have their own technique for using the product, ensuring it is user-friendly regardless.

In that same vein, the product designer will contemplate the experience of the user from the beginning of the journey when they notice the product until they ultimately come to use it every day. The products must be appealing at first sight, meaning the designer needs a significant level of creativity.

In product design, the creator must also conceptualize the varied ways people will think of to use the item without specific instructions. A designer can call a product a success when the experience for the user is good.

· How Is Industrial Design Unique

Industrial design is unique from product designers primarily due to the mass production of products. The designer must know how the manufacturing process works since the items they design will be manufactured. That means discerning the varied manufacturing processes and how each is limited.

This designer is responsible for producing a concept for any item that has the potential for mass production, whether autos, furnishings, computers, and on. The objective is to ensure these aesthetically draw the audience but operate at top performance, albeit in a simple and straightforward capacity.

The manufacturing process should be relatively easy and allow optimum efficiency. That means the designer needs to incorporate easy-to-obtain materials and streamline the concept.

What Skills Overlap with Product Design and Industrial Design

In the product and industrial design fields, many believe these to be somewhat interchangeable. While they are separate and distinct, some skills do overlap. These are necessary for each designer to be successful in their product creation.

· Material understanding is crucial.

Developing a solid material understanding is crucial for both designers since these will account for not only quality and functionality but also the price point. It is up to the designer to determine which products will be ideal for the final product and advise the manufacturer on how to incorporate these into the design.

· Using 3D modeling with project development to test the design.

A 3D render of the project will need to be developed to assist with visualizing the finished piece and ensure all the components are in proportion. With this model, the designer can test the product with prototypes created from the piece.

This can save time and money if the design needs more work before it is ready for manufacture.

· Designers need to be creative.

Anyone who comes up with new and innovative ways to resolve problems must be creative. Creativity is essential in designing new products in these fields, the ability to think “outside the box,” different from the next person or the competitor.

Determining solutions when the product produces challenges is vital, another level of creativity. Go here for details on the creative processes.

· Each designer needs to have effective communication skills.

When presenting product ideas to business leaders or clients, industrial and product designers need to communicate clearly, concisely, and further do so with the manufacturing team.

While they readily understand the products from a design perspective, they need to make it easy for others to catch on to the item’s use and purpose and then follow through with feedback on the project.

Final Thought

In understanding the differences between these two designers, you can more readily work as a team or pursue one as a career. Either way, the result will be a much more effective and efficient process, whether working together or navigating the hiring process.

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