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8 Accessories Every Drone User Should Have

Anyone who flies a drone will understand that the drone alone will not be enough to get the aerial shots you need in a comfortable way. To do that, you will need accessories which either enhance the performance of the drone or help you use it in a much easier manner. So in this post, we will look at eight accessories that every drone user must have.

Accessories for Every Drone

Extra Batteries

One of the important things any drone users should have is a couple of spare batteries. Most of the drones are limited to flying about 25 to 30 minutes at a time max. As such, you will always need spare batteries that can be used on a rotational basis. This will allow you to fly the drone without any extended breaks. Now, even if you are okay with just 20 minutes footage at a time and have no problem with waiting for your battery to be recharged, you should still have some spare batteries. This is because if your drone crashes onto something and the battery gets damaged, then the only way you will be able to continue shooting with the drone is if you have extra batteries.

Carrying Case 

When you buy a drone, you are essentially making a long-term investment. As such, it makes sense that you should also take steps to protect it. And this is where a carrying case comes in. Just put your drone in the case and you can take it anywhere you want without worrying about damaging the drone. Consider buying a case that offers the highest protection, even if you have to deal with some extra weight as a result. Ideally, the case must have a foam cushion in which the drone can be placed comfortably. If there are problems is putting the drone inside the case correctly, then look for other case models.

Landing Gear

Make sure that the landing gear you choose for the drone is good enough that the drone can easily get off and get back on the ground without facing any trouble. This is especially true if the ground is covered in tall grass. Without an extended landing gear, taking off and settling the drone to the ground can become a difficult affair. So, be very attentive to the landing gear that you purchase.

Lens Protector

When you are shooting a video through a drone, it is inevitable that dust and other pollutants will come into contact with it. This can create problems to one of the most important components of the camera – lens. And to protect the lens, it is advisable that you have a lens protector with you. By covering the lens with the protector, you can easily avoid getting it too dusty. In addition, the lens protector also helps in cutting down the glare the lens might capture in the footage.

Extra Propellers

When you start out with drone flying, you should expect to lose quite a few propellers from time to time. As such, it is essential that you have a spare set of propellers with you which you can easily attach to the drone whenever required. Even if you are experienced drone flyer, having extra propellers will truly help you finish your drone shoots without any disruptions.

Tablet Holder

Another must-have accessory is a tablet holder. You might think that holding the tablet in your hand is good enough for you to control the drone. It may be okay for a few minutes.  But if you are flying the drone continuously for a long period of time, then a tablet holder will be necessary since it will make the job of flying the drone much easier and comfortable. And if you check out AirVuz and other drone video websites, you will find out some videos which show how professional drone flyers always use some kind of holder for their tablet in order to fly the drone more efficiently.

Camera Filters

When you shoot during the daytime, you drone camera will have to deal with the glares from reflected sunlight. This not only makes the videos and photos unnecessarily bright but will also create difficulties in shooting properly. This issue can be resolved if you have a couple of camera filters on hand. These filters will allow you to reduce the effect of flares and take better photos and videos.

Propeller Guards

You must also have some propeller guards with you. They will protect the propellers from being too worn out from continuous flying or by hitting onto objects. As such, you don’t have to worry about propellers malfunctioning all of a sudden due to any cuts on them.

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