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Ten Need-To-Know Tips To Help Writing Beginners Get Started

Writing entails doing a piece of work most especially on behalf of students. Writers who understand how the work is done do it. The pieces of work that writers do appears in different forms such as, assignments, proposals, reports, business plans, essays, dissertations, only to mention a few. Before mastering the art of creative writing, there are tips that beginners must grasp. These tips are as discussed in the paragraphs below.

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  • Have topic selection knowledge

As a beginner, you need to have knowledge on selection of the topic. You need to select the topic according to the nature of the assignment. The topic selected must reflect the subject matter of the assignment. You should therefore be conversant with the main issue of the assignment before settling for a topic. The topic selected should also be attractive to encourage the reader.

  • Understand work outline

Before beginning any writing, you have to understand the outlines of different types of assignments. Every assignment has its own outline.  You therefore have to find out whether the assignment is an essay, a report, a proposal or even a dissertation.

  • Understand your audience

Every piece of writing has a targeted audience. You have to know the targeted audience before proceeding with writing. Knowledge about the target audience will help you to moderate the language you use in your writing.

  • Have referencing styles knowledge

In order to become successful in writing, you have to begin by learning the referencing styles. These styles include but not limited to the following: the APA referencing style, the Harvard referencing style and Chicago referencing style. The writer must reference the writing accordingly.

  • Strictly stick to the instructions

Every writing assignment has its own instructions. Before beginning the writing, you have to go through all the instructions and understand them well. Following the instructions helps in meeting the needs of the clients thus coming up with a piece of writing that is acceptable. Before submitting the writing, you therefore have to re-visit the instructions and make sure you have followed all of them.

  • Do research

As a beginner, you have to do more research about the assignment before proceeding with the writing. You ought to gather more information about the problem statement of the assignment. The gathered information helps you to come up with factual arguments. Doing more research also helps you to understand more writing formats thus coming up with quality writings.

  • Avoid plagiarism

Writers always protect their works with copyright rights. While writing, you should therefore avoid copying and pasting other writers’ works the way they appear. Plagiarism is a criminal offense and if found you may be charged and sued. You should therefore try your level best to make sure that your writing does not have any plagiarism. Before submitting your work, it is good to pass your writing through a plagiarism checker just to make sure that the work is free from plagiarism.

  • Monitor your grammar

The grammar you use in writing is very critical. You ought to make sure that your writing does not have any grammatical errors. You should avoid wordy expressions in your writing. Try your best to compose short sentences and paragraphs. This will help you to avoid unnecessary grammatical mistakes. You should also proofread your work before submission. This will also help you to eliminate grammatical mistakes from your piece of work.

  • Stick to the topic

While coming up with ideas to build up your arguments, you have to stick to the subject matter of the writing. However, you have to maintain the flow of thoughts of the piece of writing. Sticking to the topic of the writing makes the work easily understandable.

  • Submit your work on time

While writing for a client, you should make sure that you work within the stipulated time. Submitting your work in time helps you to build confidence in the client.

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In conclusion, any writing beginner ought to equip him/herself with writing techniques. These techniques have been discussed in the paragraphs above and include: topic selection knowledge, understand work outline, understand your audience, have referencing styles knowledge, stick to the instructions given, do research, avoid plagiarism, monitor your grammar, stick to your topic, and lastly, submit your work on time.

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