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7 Things To Consider While Purchasing A Cellular Router

There are hundreds of 4G cellular routers available on the market, which offer a wide range of features. It is important that the router provides excellent performance and flexibility for your business. Without further ado, let us tell you about the top 7 things you should consider when buying a4G cellular router for your company. Read on!

7 Things To Consider While Purchasing A Cellular Router

1.      SIM Capacity

The throughput and performance of a router that comes with a multi-SIM – is limited by supporting the number of cellular connections simultaneously. Usually, this is referred by the device’s accommodation of the number of SIMs. On the other hand, you need to differentiate between the SIMs and connections. There are routers available on the market that allow the user to insert two SIMs. So, when one fails, you can use the other one.

2.      Multi-SIM

When it comes to reliability and speed in 4G WAN connections, you need a router, which supports multiple cellular connections. So, you need to choose a router, which supports this functionality or has this feature.

3.      Cellular Technology

There are many routers available on the market that come with the 4G standard known as “Category 4 LTE.” There are some companies that are looking to develop Category 6 LTE. Instead of using one chunk of spectrum, category 6 LTE uses one. The theoretical download speeds are between 150-300 Mbps.

4.      Bonding

A router that bonds the traffic streams from different SIMs into one allows you to have a more reliable and faster connection to the network in your company. Typically, this is essential when you plan to connect multi-user sites to the network in your company using 4G WAN – particularly if you are looking for a reliable connection for different sensitive applications. Primarily, the rationale for bonding is to provide a stable and reliable connection – with high-performance as a by-product.

5.      Load Balancing

A Router that can balance load will spread the usage of separate sessions and users across different SIMs. Although this provides flexibility –there is no single session, which can be faster as compared to the SIM the router is using can support. If there are any drops out of the cellular connection, the reconnection time is measured in seconds and you will notice this.

6.      Wi-Fi

There are many 4G cellular industrial routers, which allow users to access Wi-Fi as well as decrease the requirements for extra equipment in installations. There are also some routers that provide isolated guest access. On the other hand, some allow for “private corporate access” and “public guest access” through a captive portal, which enables the user to force guests in order to provide details about themselves.

7.      Caching

The best 4G Industrial Cellular router allows you to cache data. For example, when multiple users try to access the same stored files or intranet pages, caching allows them to get access to them in a faster way – with reducingthe usage of data.

7 Things To Consider While Purchasing A Cellular Router

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