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7 Common Mistake Players Make While Playing Online Ludo Game

Did you know? Online Ludo Game is categorised as ‘games of skills.’ You will be surprised to know how the Supreme Court explained these skills.

A game of skill, on the other hand – although the element of chance necessarily cannot be entirely eliminated – is one in which success depends principally upon the superior knowledge, training, attention, experience and adroitness of the player,” 1996 ruling of Supreme Court.

Common Mistake Players Make While Playing Online Ludo Game

Online ludo games are skill-based games where participants strategize, join the contest, invest and win or lose.

Indian Ludo games online are not only easy to play but can also be enjoyed with your long-distance friends, cousins, and many other competitors across the world. If you choose a gaming platform, you might also be able to win some prizes along the way. While you can play and win on India ludo App, there are a few mistakes that will hold you back.

Here are 7 common mistakes that you should avoid while playing online Ludo:

1. Not knowing the rules –

Ludo is a nostalgic game, the most played game of childhood. However, we often consider board game rules to be similar to that of online ludo game. Although the game technique remains the same that is chasing opponents token and be the first one to reach home, the rules might differ from one platform to another. Often our childhood rules were self-made and dictated, like withdrawing the token when dice roll 1 too. Not entering the home without killing the opponent’s pawn, even if you have completed the lap and what not.

However, the rules on the online platform are well-defined and cannot be altered. Although all the online ludo games work on common rules, it is suggested to go through the rules before joining a contest.

2. Overconfidence –

Online Ludo games do not show your gaming history and win. Also, even if it did, it would not scare the competitor, rather they would play more carefully. So don’t feel overconfident about the game, it is a game of skill where the more you learn and improvise your strategies, the more your chances are to win the majority of games. That said, one thing that is definite about online Ludo is that no single approach can work for all competitors.

India Ludo online is a real-cash app that also provides an offline practice platform. It is advised to take practice, test your strategy before investing in the real game and challenging others.

3. Running a pawn marathon –

A very common mistake that players make is moving only one token. Ludo is a game of four pawns, where you win if all your four pawns make it to the home before anyone else. However, to do so, it is important to withdraw all the pawns and move them strategically.

Also, by doing so, you keep the game moving. Supposedly, a token of two is killed by an opponent, you would still have a chance to play a token even when you do not get a six, only if you have all the tokens out.

That said, every time you get a six, make sure you withdraw a token if it rests at home rather than making a move forward. Also, while you have all your tokens out, it is strongly advised to keep it spread out on the board at different positions.

4. Blind move –

Playing ludo for leisure is one thing but playing ludo to win would change your strategy altogether. Some players play every move wisely while others just run their tokens because they believe it is a game of luck. Well! That’s a misconception.

When you play online Ludo carelessly, the chances of winning go down. This is one common mistake that people make in the online ludo app.

5. Playing the 6 right –

We all love ‘6’ on our dice. In ludo, 6 have varied advantages. First, it helps you move the pawn out from your home to start the race against the opponent. Secondly, six gets another roll. As happy as the 6 on dice makes, we often end up making a wrong move in excitement.

When you roll a six on your dice in online Ludo, you should use it wisely. You could go closer to your home or maybe bring out the next token and both in the right spirit. You should use your 6 when you want to get yourself away from the danger. So, a six does not always mean you have to get a token out. Instead, you could use it in various other scenarios to your advantage.

6. Not Strategizing –

One of the reasons why players lose online Ludo is the lack of strategy. Ludo is a strategy based game that involves critical thinking and decision making.

While engaging in Ludo Skill, you need strategies and a game plan to win the game. You need to think and develop the best possible plan that can help you win the game. Decide which token you want to move first, if you want to keep moving one token or if you want to equally move all the tokens to maintain the pace of your game.

7. Having Mercy –

You play with your friends, family, or cousin; playing online Ludo or any Ludo mercilessly is the only rule of ludo to win the game. When your opponent is moving too fast, the best way to stop them for a while is to take them back by killing their token.

Online Ludo is a great way to stay entertained and win prizes if you play on the right platform. In case you have been making the mistakes we discussed so far, this is the time to look back and work on your game.

Download India Ludo, practice strategies on free offline ludo and join the contest.

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