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India’s gaming industry is expected to be a little more than $ 1 billion in 2020. It is projected that there will be more than 60 crore online gamers. Presently, an Indian player spends around 42 minutes per day on average playing online games.


As compared to just 20 game developing companies at the beginning of the previous decade, India boasted of more than 230 game growing firms in 2019. It is no secret that India has emerged as a game development hub. It is primarily thanks to an abundance of specialised developers, talented artists and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Over the last few years, several Indian game developing companies have also made a mark by releasing games which have become popular worldwide. Online club games are among the most popular categories in India. Two essential drivers for this has been the explosion of internet access and the growth in smartphone users. According to the SuperLenny, India has around 50 crore internet users and almost an equivalent number of smartphone users.

Probably the most well-known online club games are Roulette, Black Jack, Bingo, Rummy, Poker, and some more. If you search for tips and strategies, you will discover a few alternatives accessible on the web. For example, on the off chance that you look for an online poker guide, you will discover different procedures, rules, and strategies to enhance your game. Before you play any game like poker, it is prudent to examine the online poker guide.

Arguably the biggest challenge in the online gaming space in India is legalising online gambling. The matter is becoming complicated due to the laws related to gambling.

Online Casino Games in India

There are only three states in India that have legalized casinos. These states are Daman, Sikkim, and Goa. Sikkim took the initiative of legalising online gambling in India, and the thought was that all the other states would also follow it. It was a significant opening for online gaming in India.

Indian Laws for Gambling are quite Unclear

Majority of gambling websites welcome Indian customers, but these sites are operated from overseas. In India, each state has its law for gambling. Judicial pronouncements have varied when it comes to defining online gambling games as games of skill or luck. For example, betting on horse racing was observed as a game of skill by the Supreme Court of India.

A uniform approach by authorities on online gambling is still awaited.

A new opportunity for Game Developers in near Future

Thanks to the rapid growth in the gaming industry, a massive demand for game developers going ahead is expected. Salary packages can range between Rs 3 lakh to Rs 40 lakh a year depending on experience and skills. There are close to 200 gaming startups in India offering these jobs.

Presently some of the leading game categories include fantasy sports and real money betting. Games built with emerging technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence would be in huge demand. Therefore game developers with skills such as unity game development along with AR and VR app development would be highly coveted.

Cloud gaming will be another important driver for the gaming industry in the next decade. Cloud gaming enables easier and cheaper access to high-end games as these games run on cloud servers instead of local devices.

Opportunity to be a professional gamer

The online gaming industry in India is expected to grow faster than the global online gaming segment.  By 2022 it should be worth a whopping Rs 187 billion. With prize money running into crores, the number of professional gamers is expected to pick up. It won’t be surprising if most of them emerge from the hinterlands as close to 60% of online players in India are from non-metros.

The gaming industry and its stakeholders certainly have an exciting decade ahead of them in India.

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