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7 Best Online Sources to Previous Years’ JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions

Are you looking to prepare for the JEE Main entrance examination? You must naturally be searching for quality JEE Main question papers from previous years with solutions. There are quite a few solutions available online actually that you can tap into.

Before anything, you must always remember that it is important to go through multiple sources for previous years’ JEE Main examination papers in a bid to experience the variety of the questions first-hand. Your best source would be Vedantu JEE Main which has an excellent database.

JEE Main Question Papers and Solutions

Here, you will find JEE Main question papers and solutions for the years 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. The answers are all given to the question papers and you can download the entire thing in the PDF format. Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is the all-India engineering and architecture entrance which is conducted by the NTA (National Testing Agency). The solutions offered by Vedantu JEE Main will encompass papers from previous years for Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Solving these papers will naturally give you an edge ahead of the key JEE-Main entrance examination that you will be sitting for.

Vedantu JEE Main also has excellent study modules for the entrance examination along with courses and regular study sessions for aspirants to keep clarifying their doubts and prepare core concepts which will enable them to ace their examinations. This is perhaps the best possible source of preparation for JEE Main, covering question papers and solutions from previous years.

There are quite a few other sources which you can consider after trying the above. These include the Engineering section at Careers360 where you will find quite a few tips, tricks and other information relating to previous years’ question papers in tandem with CollegeDunia which also has materials, papers and other data helpful for JEE Main aspirants. Other options include FIITJEE which is one of the reputed entrance examination preparation centres in the country. The site has quite a few online sources which you should consider once you are done with the above options. For more materials, you can also try which is a repository of knowledge about competitive examinations, subjects and more.

Jagran Josh is another option worth considering in this regard once you have exhausted all options. You will find some handy information here and you can also try another online source for question papers from previous years which is that has them along with valuable inputs from ex-alumni regarding preparations for the tests. These are 7 sources that may help you prepare better for JEE Main by giving you access to question papers from previous years. Vedantu JEE Main is where you will find all the papers and other information that you desire in one place and in a very compact manner, leading to zero scope for confusion. Solving past papers is a great way to prepare for the JEE Main entrance examination as it boosts confidence and helps you assess your own exam readiness in the bargain.

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