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6 Strange Facts about Scrabble

Most people love to enjoy the warm air outside, having fun and being energized under the heat of the sun. There are lots of exciting activities you can do outside, especially if you are an adventurous type of person who loves to enjoy the outdoors. But can we deny the fact that rainy days are dreary days? Yes! Because you can also enjoy it when rainy seasons start to come.

Scrabble is one of the games, and surely you can have a good time. Scrabble is a board game intended not only for fun, but it also helps you to widen up your vocabulary. While playing the game, you are eager to earn more points, but you run out of words, then at this time scrabble helper will help you to deal with that and win all your scrabble games. But before indulging in the game, you might wonder what the facts about this delightful and genius game that might blow your mind, especially when you are fond of playing it.

Facts about Scrabble

Developed by a Laid-off Architect

You might even think that this game was invented by a person who has expertise in words, but the one who created this game is an architect. Alfred Mosher Butts will have the honor of developing this game.

Alfred Mosher Butts was an architect who got laid off in his work in an architectural firm in 1931. Since he was out of his work, he started to think of a way to make a profit and be creative. Since Butts was fond of crossword puzzles, there, he decided to create games based on words and letters. This is where this game was born.

It Was Originally Called Lexico

The moniker of the game took a lot of transitions before it had the last name. When Alfred Butts created this game, he first named it “Lexico” by the time he was the one who was producing it. One of the rules of the game is to select nine letter tiles and should form a word from those.

He continually developed his game by decreasing the letter tile from nine down to seven letter tiles only. He also added some bonus points to each letter indicated on the board of the game. There he named it “Criss-Cross Words” but unfortunately no one was interested in it. In 1947, James Brunot, a friend of Butts, approached him and offered to buy the rights of the game he invented. Butts received the honors, but Brunot managed the production of the game. He added a few adjustments then later called it “Scrabble,” which became the famous moniker up to this time.

Rejections by Game Manufacturers

Since Butts wants to make a profit out of the game he invented, he decided to sell his game in different manufacturers. Unfortunately, manufacturers keep on rejecting the production of the game. But he didn’t give up that easily, as no one was interested in it, he continued to develop the game. He was actually re-hired to his previous work in the firm but rejected it and focused more on his invention.

Until James Brunot came to him, he was interested in it and later offered Butts to have the production of the game. Brunot and his wife manufactured the first Scrabble set in Dodgintown until the game had its big break when Macy’s ordered the stocks of the game in large numbers and continues to soar in its popularity.

Scrabble as a TV game show

Scrabble’s popularity reaches television. This board game is one of the most favorite games in America. In the 1930s, Selchow and Righter-marketed introduced the show Scrabble. The show aired for over six years, from 1984-1990. It was hosted by Chuck Woolery, who announces the mechanics of the game in the show.

The prize of the game show was worth almost $500 as the rules changed each round, which became more and more complicated. Each contestant will receive $25 if they can get the correct letters. They can earn the prize each round, which leads to achieving the winning title of the game show.

Top Word “Qi”

You might assume that complicated words or long words are the weapons to score more in the game. Using all of the letter tiles is also a winning technique. But most people won’t use the word “Qi.” This two-letter word was considered as a top word that mostly wins in scrabble game.

This was recorded by Merriam-Webster that “qi” is a word to earn more score along with other little-known words such as za, phony, xu, hook, gyoza, and other terms. As years went by, words are being added into the game.  There are also other highest scoring words which you can easily remember by practicing scrabble using a pomodoro timer. With the help of this tool you can gradually improve your memory and skills constantly. 

It Hasn’t Change

As time went by, many games were developed and improved, but the scrabble game is an exemption. Although there are lots of variations that exist in different places, still the main rule of the game stays the same.

The 100 letter tiles for the game still have the exact number and have the same distribution as before. Moreover, the equipment of the game is a more appropriate shape for this type of play. This shows that scrabble hasn’t changed and was still the same from the very beginning.


An indoor game such as a scrabble game is a solution when you are stuck in the four corners of your house. You can learn the top techniques fast if you keep playing. As of this moment, you already learned the unusual facts of the game; you became more interested and fond of playing this. This genteel game aims not only for fun but also helps you to expand more of your vocabulary, not just in reading. It will help you encounter different words you think didn’t exist.

This game went through a lot of expostulation because no one is interested and thinks that it only wastes their time. Scrabble is not only a game for rainy days. You can play it wherever and whoever you want. It has a handful of benefits, not just for you but also helps you to have a good bond with your family at the same time educative for kids.

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