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6 Best Free Electronic Signature Software for Your Business

We are slowly fading away from the usual norm. There are various advancements to our daily operations, and signing documents using other methods is not left behind. To ease the day-to-day operations, companies have to be innovative as they meet the demands.

One of the ways they can make the tasks easier is by involving electronic signature software. It’s tedious to have physical papers signed by pen and then to wait for the response. It takes days to make a contract successful, for example, which can be solved in hours.

So, as we move forward, it’s time to say goodbye to the ink signature. Here, we will discuss the six best free electronic signature software to make signing documents a breeze.

Part 1: CocoSign Electronic Signature Platform

It’s a wonder that you now don’t even need to download an app to create a signature. The same applies if you want to use the signature to sign a few PDFs, reports, and other legal documents.

Electronic signature platforms like CocoSign allow you to create a signature and use it on documents daily. As soon as businesses realized this, it’s now famous in 180+ countries. Whether you are an individual or many of you, that’s a solved problem already.

You can use various ways to create your signature. All the methods are readily available since you will be using everyday gadgets. CocoSign is web-based, meaning you can use smartphones, tablets, or computers to create and use the electronic signature.

CocoSign Electronic Signature Platform _1

As long as the document is a soft copy, you can handle the rest within a few clicks, swipes, and keys. You don’t need an account to create the signature. That makes it easy to the point of wondering whether the signature is unique and authentic.

With CocoSign, your signature can be used on any document requiring it. Since you are the one deriving it, it also means that it will be unique to you. Whether you want to sign a PDF or an invoice, you will never see an identical sign from another colleague.

Here are some of the things that make CocoSign the chosen e-sign platform:

Signature Creation in Minutes

To get a signature, all you need is to visit the CocoSign website and create one. You don’t need an account to do it, and there are various ways to do it. You can decide to download and use the e-sign elsewhere or continue to use it on the website.

Easy Access

Since it’s a web-based free electronic signature platform, it’s possible to access it using any internet-enabled device. All you need is a device that will help you get online for the signature.

Multi-User Support

If there is more than one signature needed on a document, CocoSign also facilitates that. After uploading and signing, you can send the link to the other involved parties.

The best part is that you don’t need to keep checking whether it has been attended to or not. CocoSign will alert you when they sign and when the document is all done.

Multi-Layer Protection

The e-signatures are happening online. That means there is a need for beefed-up security to ensure that your credentials are not tampered with. For CocoSign, online storage has layers of protection and protocols to ensure that the unexpected never happens.

You never need to worry about your signature stored somewhere online.

Trailing Included

Apart from signing, you can also add other supportive information as proof. CocoSign lets you embed the signature and more details, such as your initials and timestamps. In case of a dispute, there will be evidence to show when a document was signed and by who.

There are more advantages to using CocoSign to generate signatures than flaws. That is why you need to visit the main website for more information. Here are the quick steps you need to make a signature using this free and fast platform.

 How to Create an Electronic Signature Using CocoSign

Step 1: Go to the CocoSign website and proceed to make a quick sign. CocoSign presents you with three options. You can draw using a graphic tablet, use a mouse or touchpad, or type your name.

CocoSign Electronic Signature Platform _2

Step 2: What you choose depends on what is mostly preferred. There are also options to select the font and color, among other things. If you already have an e-signature, you can upload it on the CocoSign website.

Step 3: Once you are done creating, download the electronic signature or save it with CocoSign. Saving means you need to create an account. It can be done manually or using your Google account.

CocoSign Electronic Signature Platform_3

Step 4: You can now use the signature on any document that requires a fast signature. Since CocoSign allows you to embed the signatures, you can always upload your soft copies there.

Part 2: Jotform Sign

Build and share e-sign documents with Jotform Sign. Use powerful automation features to save time. Embed your documents on your site to make data collection even easier. Use approval flows to hand off your documents to other signers and get notified when a change has been made.

Part 3: SignEasy

You can also get a free trial period from SignEasy, and it runs for the next 14 days. After that, you’ll have to continue via the paid plan. It, however, allows you to create the signatures and use them on documents. Other functions include accessing re-usable templates.

Part 4: PandaDoc

PandaDoc not only lets you sign documents for free, but it can also facilitate a payment. You also get an e-signing certificate as part of security measures. The size of the report and the number does not matter here.

Part 5: Adobe Sign

Adobe is a famous platform that allows people to do a lot. Signing documents is also part of it, and you can do it via the app or the web. It also includes details to authenticate, and you have an option to personalize your signature as you wish. It also works with Microsoft services.

Part 6: OneSpan Sign

Big names have already used OneSpan Sign to create signatures and make documents legal. Small and large businesses are all welcome, and it works across devices. You can save the e-sign and your documents using it, thanks to the large and highly secure cloud space.


When you have an essential business document to sign and send, now you have six ways to do it. Convenience is vital since time is money, and you can save that by using CocoSign to make things official.

Now, take your time to review the signature software and know what works for you.

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