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5 Ways to Improve Kids’ Attention Span with FamilyTime

Indeed, it is undeniable that we live in an age of instant gratification. The growing rate of decreasing attention span in modern-age kids is alarming. FamilyTime, one of the best parental monitoring apps, can help parents improve kids’ attention spans in several ways.

Kids’ capacity to retain focus on an activity is mere seconds, which is why they are often unable to concentrate on their studies. Eventually, this lack of concentration leads to poor performance in exams.


Consequences of Lack of Attention Span

Lack of attention in kids can lead to drastic consequences in several aspects. Scientific studies provide proof that kids with excessive screen time experience shrinking in the part of the brain responsible for active learning. How can kids do well in school with declining learning abilities? Their attention span and the capacity to stay focused decrease as well.

Excessive screen time can also lead to accidents on the road, poor communication skills, poor critical thinking, and more. Excessive use of screens seems to be the heart of the problem. So, how can parents reduce screen time for their kids? The answer lies in the FamilyTime parental app.

What is FamilyTime?


FamilyTime is the perfect solution to all modern-age parenting problems. It has everything a parent needs, from features that help reduce screen time to the ones that block inappropriate content and much more. Parents can use it to help improve their kids’ attention spans, get them moving, increase productivity, enhance listening skills, boost community engagement, and so on.

5 Ways FamilyTime Can Help Improve Kids’ Attention Span

Here are five ways FamilyTime can help improve kids’ attention span.

1. Improve Productivity

Put away the screen and finish your homework first! Do these words sound familiar to you? If you often have to argue with your kids regarding their homework and screens, FamilyTime is here for you. Its Screen Time Schedule feature can help you craft a daily plan specifically suited for your kids’ routine activities.

Parents can specify the time for various activities, such as Homework time, fun time, bedtime, etc. That means your kids won’t be able to access their devices during those times. Therefore, they would be able to pay full attention to the task at hand.

2. Reduce Tech Dependence

Kids’ tech addiction is getting worse by the day. Even if you successfully take away one screen (e.g., a smartphone) from them, they often find another source (e.g., a tablet). Have you always wanted to reduce tech dependence in your home? If you tried and couldn’t succeed, now is the time to try FamilyTime’s Screen Time Limit feature. It can help you decrease the usage of screens around the house, and you can synchronize these settings across multiple devices from your parent hub. This way, you can help kids put down their devices and engage in activities that don’t require them to stare at a screen.

3. Spice Up Boring Routine

You cannot ban technology from kids’ lives completely. However, parents can ensure that their kids adhere to the responsible usage of screens. With FamilyTime’s Fun Time feature, you can spice up your kids’ boring routines with apps that can actually help improve their learning abilities. A plethora of fun and engaging apps exist that truly help kids get better at learning. They can play, have fun, and learn at the same time.

4. Prevent Online Gaming Addiction

Just like tech dependence, gaming addiction is also real. The gaming industry received a drastic makeover with the advancement of technology. Nowadays, developers churn out extremely detailed games with high-quality gaming experiences, avatars, in-app purchases, back stories, immersive multiplayer gaming options, and more.

Kids get engrossed in such games, play non-stop with friends/strangers, and lose all track of time. FamilyTime offers various solutions. Its App Blocker can block access to such games on their devices, and parents can also block online games using the Internet Filter option.

5. Ensure Better Sleep

Kids of the digital age are quite skilled at finding loopholes and sneaking around to use screens after parents fall asleep. They may play games, scroll through social media, or surf the internet for hours on end. When kids don’t get enough sleep, their brains do not recuperate. They wake up groggy and unable to focus.

Parents can ensure their kids get a good night’s rest by using FamilyTime’s Bed Time feature. They can incapacitate their kids’ devices and help them go to bed, knowing they cannot use them even after their parents fall asleep. The Internet Schedule feature can further seal the deal by cutting off access to the internet after the specified time.

FamilyTime can help your kids in more ways than you can imagine. It provides security features like SOS/Panic Button, Location Tracking, Pick-Me-Up button, Geofence, Teen Safe Drive, etc., to protect kids from various threats and dangers.


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