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5 Tools Every Business Needs in 2020

If you run a business, it’s important that you remain up to date on all of the latest technological developments available. After all, your competitors will probably be doing everything in their power to improve their performance and streamline their operations – so you’ll need to take the steps required to stay ahead. Perhaps more importantly, intelligent investment in new resources will make your business’s operations simpler, quicker, safer and more cohesive – taking the pressure off the management team and employees and freeing you up to work on the next big thing. Here, we’ll explore five vital tech-related tools that will revolutionize your company.

Remote Working Resources

This type of tool has become more sought-after than we could ever have imagined at the close of 2019. With staff safety ever at the forefront of employers’ minds, many businesses have now undergone a significant shift towards home working. If you’re smart about it, you can create a superb set-up consisting of devices, software, systems and applications that will enable many of your employees to complete their day-to-day tasks from any location with no reduction in productivity. Just make sure that all devices connecting to your company’s network are totally cyber-secure.

Access Control

Another all-important factor of security is access control. This goes for both your company’s physical premises and through password resets with its electronic systems and devices. Chances of data breaches, loss of information and malware downloads are greatly reduced when employers only enable staff members to access the areas they need to do their jobs. Giving all employees free reign can lead to mistakes – and sometimes irreparable damage. You should consider utilizing specialist tools to create a map of your business and its systems so that you know exactly who needs access to what, then grant them only that access and no more.

Password Management Software

With password management software, it is yet another valuable security-related resource. In order to keep your systems safe and reduce the risk of data breaches, you need to create log-ins for your employees which should include highly secure passwords. The software you use in order to do this will help you to set the required criteria for a strong password – and we also recommend programming in prompts for each worker to change their password every few months in order to keep everything protected. Arranging for a self service password reset can also help significantly if a staff member forgets their log in details or enters them incorrectly too many times – as the alternative is to have your IT support team undertake every reset, wasting time and resources.

Online Performance Analytics

How many interactions are your social media streams achieving on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? How much traffic does your website receive, where does it come from and how long do visitors stay there? How many interactions lead to sales? If you don’t know the answers to the above questions, it’s about time that you invested in some analytic tools. This will help you to locate and improve weak spots in your online presence and to figure out which actions work better than others in order to attract greater interest and prompt more transactions.

Customer Support Solutions

Your clients are your most valuable resource – so you need to make sure they feel welcome and well-supported throughout their experience with you. Creating an online helpdesk and providing them with great resources such as FAQs, chatbots and a customer portal will help those who use your products or services to really get to grips with everything you do, find answers to their questions, contact your staff members and access valuable advice quickly.

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