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5 Team Building Events or Activities to Spice Up Your Work Routines

A team that’s happy and content is a team that shows great productivity and motivation at work. Organizing team building activities is a great way to boost this motivation and productivity and increase employee satisfaction overall. Not to mention that these activities will allow the whole company body to reconnect and bond regardless of their job titles and positions. Most employers worry about these team building activities disrupting the work routine but if you incorporate the right ideas, the said routine is bound to get all spruced up.

  1. Theme Dress Up

For one day in the week or month, you can organize a dress-up day following a certain theme. That said, it’s possible to designate every Friday or every second Friday for a fun and engaging work time as the employees get to sit and work dressed up however they see fit. Casual Fridays are nothing new but you can spice things up even more by introducing thematic days when everyone gets to dress up according to the proposed theme. It can be Harry Potter, the Victorian era, Old West, Disco 70’s, and so on.

  1. Informal Learning Lunches

Instead of organizing corporate meetings to discuss fresh industry ideas, treat your employees to company lunches in an informal setting where they’ll get to discuss these news and ideas with no pressure involved. This is a great way to allow even the shyest people to participate without having everyone’s eyes on them in a sterile meeting environment. What’s more, different departments will get to mingle and familiarize themselves with each other as well.

  1. Organize Contests and Challenges

Contests between different teams within a company is a great way to make your employees more motivated and eager to succeed in everything they do. Of course, interesting and valuable rewards are key in this case. This might be a subscription to popular software, gym memberships, monetary bonus on Amazon accounts, and so on. It’s not even necessary to organize challenges and contests around the work issues, especially if different departments are willing to participate. Games and events such as “who can eat cotton candy faster” are actually better for spicing up the work routine later on as they allow the employees to get competitive without worrying about putting their professional skills on the line.

  1. Go Out and Have Fun

When it comes to team building activities that involve traveling and retreats, it’s only natural that you won’t be able to organize them as often as your in-house activities. However, don’t hesitate to surprise your employees with an occasional travel retreat, too. From Escape Rooms to a Scottsdale golf package, your team can enjoy a whole day (or even a weekend) away from their usual routines and obligations, which is only going to energize them for new victories when you all come back. A great thing about team building packages is that they can be easily customized. In that respect, if you’re traveling farther away, you might even be able to accommodate your employees’ family members in case they can’t leave them on their own. This is how you foster loyalty.

  1. Make Movie Night a Habit

With so many new movie releases, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to take your employees out for a fun movie night. The whole experience can be very fun as you can provide everyone with the list of movies and allow them to vote for one they wish to see. This is also a great conversation starter and allows the employees to bond and connect with each other more. After all, it’s important to have something to talk about other than work if you want to keep the motivation in the office at its peak.

Don’t hesitate to surprise your employees from time to time with unexpected activities and breaks. Even if it’s just showing up with a box of muffins for everyone to enjoy, this is a great team-building activity to reset everyone and allow them to take a much-needed break accompanied by a meaningful conversation and a delicious bite. Spicing up your work routine like this is bound to show a significant increase in your business success as well. After all, your employees are the driving force of your company and there’s nothing more valuable than a happy, appreciated, and loyal worker.

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