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5 Reliable Ways to Unlock Your Car with Keys Inside The Car

No! leaving the keys inside the car is not the end of the world. It happens to the best of us. Take a deep breath and relax!

Fortunately, even without keys, there are several ways to unlock your car. Read on to find out the five ways to unlock your car if you have forgotten the keys inside the car.

Unlock Your Car with Keys Inside The Car

Recommended Way to Unlock Your Car If You Have Left the Keys Inside: Call a Locksmith

As promised, this guide will introduce ten ways to unlock your car yourself if you have left the keys inside the car. But my personal opinion is to call a car locksmith.

A car locksmith is an expert in their domain. The suggested ways all sound well and good. But they are not efficient and do not guarantee definite recovery. So, if you are in a hurry, call for assistance without any hesitation.

You can quickly find a car locksmith by making a simple search. For instance, if you want to find an assistance service in Melbourne, type in — car locksmith in Melbourneand you will have the number of the best car locksmiths nearby.

Ensure to have the following information when calling the car locksmith:

  • The location.
  • The car model and manufacturing year of the model.
  • Where you left the car.

At the same time, ensure to review the car locksmith beforehand:

  • Ask if they provide quick service.
  • Know if they will guarantee any future problems with the car lock.
  • Plus, ask about them beforehand.

Besides all these, you should also confirm if they are licensed or not. Ensure to review the Google reviews and check their website to confirm whether the service is genuine or not.

5 Ways to Unlock Your Car with Keys Inside The Car

So, as promised, here are five different ways in which you can try to unlock your car.

But note that some of these tricks take time to work. So, be patient with everything. Plus, follow each step by step. That is to say, do not skip and follow the second tip before the first one. Skipping to other steps before following the prior ones may do more harm than good.

At the same time, ensure to follow all the steps properly. If you follow them in the wrong way, you will cause further problems.

1.    Check Doors

Yes, of course, it sounds naive. But check all the doors and assess if any one of them is open. This is a pure luck situation and doesn’t sound like a solution. But ensure to check all the doors before you move to the further steps. Even if you have already checked, ensure to properly check all the doors before moving to the next step.

2.    Review the Trunk Door

Yes. The trunk can also allow you to access the keys left inside of the car. Especially the hatchback, their design makes it simple to reach the keys from the backside. So, ensure to review the trunk door and see if there is a possibility to enter the car that way.

3.    Do You Have a Remote Unlock Service Coverage?

Some people may not be aware of this, but new cars often come with a coverage of Remote Unlock Service for a year or so. So, contact the dealership — if it is a new car — and there is a Remote Unlock Service coverage, you can get of the situation quickly.

4.    Wedge

You can get your hands on air wedges or rubber wedges. You can slip the wedges into the door sides and try to break open the door by applying force. This one is dangerous and, in most cases, can damage the lock system. So, it is better to skip it if you are unsure about using wedges. It has worked for me previously. But I know of people who had to replace the entire lock system because they applied more force and broke the lock mechanism.

5.    Lock Picking

Note: Lock Picking is not a great idea if you do not know what are you doing. This can do more harm than good, so it is best to avoid it.

Again, this only works if you have expertise in the domain. Many people learn this. So, if you know how to pick a car door lock, follow through and find a thin object to insert into the keyhole. This particularly works well in old cars. So, if your car is old, all you have to do is find a thin object like a paper clip and insert it into the keyhole. Jiggle the paperclip and see if the car door opens.


Follow all the steps one by one. Some of the solutions offered sound naive. And they are naive. But these are the best and most reliable ways to remove the keys of a locked car with keys resting inside.

Of course, if you are in a hurry and do not have the fool around. Only two of the solutions are reliable enough. Firstly, call the locksmith service and opt for quick service. Given you hire a reliable service, you will be good to go within an hour with no harm done. Second, you can break the windows and repair the windows later. Needless to say, the second one is much costlier. So, it is better to contact the locksmith and save hundreds of dollars.

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