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5 Interior Design Ideas Ideal For Small Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are in demand for remodeling. Some are skeptical because of the small space but studio apartments san francisco california, or wherever you are in the world, can promote a more organized interior design. You might find it difficult to know how to place everything in one small space, but there are brilliant ideas on how to maximize it. It’s time to reveal your creative side in coming up with the most stylish interior design for your apartment. Let’s create state of the art design for the spaces without compromising the costs.

To give you inspiration on designing your own apartment, here are 5 of the best ideas for designing studio-type apartments.

The Three-toned Chic

5 Interior Design Ideas Ideal For Small Studio Apartment

The Three-toned Chic exhibits details on surfaces with limited colors. All the elements used complements with one another instead of competing. The image above is the best example of The Three-toned Chic. You can notice that the differences in colors highlight the focal point of the space. They used two to three materials for the furniture to set the theme straight. Instead of focusing on the center, they focused on filling the corners first.

The interior design is well-planned in accordance with the human anthropometric scale. You will be able to move efficiently and work effectively regardless of the limited space provided. The common areas stayed on the ground while the most private area, the sleeping area, was elevated. This conserves the space and maximized the high-ceiling feature. They also used a mix of dark and light colors in their luxury decorative accessories and furniture to help absorb ambient lighting.

The Edgy Flat Interior

5 Interior Design Ideas Ideal For Small Studio Apartment

The Edgy Flat Interior exhibits beauty in flat surfaces. The design is very minimalistic yet eye-catching for the guests. The image above shows how different shades of black and white go well together in a small space. Since white is a flat light color, it makes the room look bright and spacious. Meanwhile, the dark colors highlight the details of the corners and edges of your apartment.

In spite of the limited space, how it was planned will help you work efficiently. The way the spaces were programmed was in accordance with the movements of its users. The harmony in spaces is achieved too since the elements of the design connect through colors and materials used. With the medium-height ceiling, they maximized the use of shelves to keep things off the floor occupying spaces.

The Elegant Suite

5 Interior Design Ideas Ideal For Small Studio Apartment

The Elegant Suite is the best example of a studio apartment with an uncompromised interior design. They paid more attention to the upholstered furniture and materials used to come up with the design. The interior design reveals the direction of where to go because of the amazing flooring pattern and the colors of the wall. The deep sea green bedroom color blends well with white designated for the common spaces. You can Shop furniture online to find your perfect balance of comfort and style.

Space is around 20 to 25 square meters but it looks like it’s bigger because of the way it was planned. They focused on the basic spaces needed like living area, dining area, kitchen, and bathroom. In spite of the small floor area, they manage to fit all the spaces because the sleeping area did not consume floor space. They elevated it looking like a mezzanine to add edge and highlights to your common area.

The United Front

5 Interior Design Ideas Ideal For Small Studio Apartment

The United Front brings all the spaces together. From the materials to the colors that were used, they made sure that all elements bring harmony to the studio apartment. The image above is the best example of how to play with different materials. Most of the time, taking risks in interior design leads to a more outstanding outcome. They maximized floor to ceiling spaces to come up with the most functional interior design for your studio apartment.

Instead of using different lighting fixtures, they used flexible LED strip lights to directly illuminate the room. The good thing about their choice of lighting is its cost-efficiency. These lights will build a better living atmosphere for your home. Besides, these are easily controlled depending on the vibrancy and color you are most comfortable with. With the arrangement of spaces, you will notice how it is divided without building walls or dividers.

The Flexible Flat

5 Interior Design Ideas Ideal For Small Studio Apartment

The Flexible Flat focuses on functionality rather than design. They want to make the most out of the limited space by making it multi-purpose. The private space is elevated like a mezzanine to make way for the public areas where you will usually welcome your guests. They settled more into industrial interior design keeping it simple yet in style. When it comes to limited spaces, you have to make sure that every inch is maximized. This can, of course, be a complex task for someone not well-versed in design so you could take advantage of apartment redesign services to let your space flourish at its full potential.

They practiced the art of authenticity. The details are not that highlighted yet it produced a unique interior design which works well for both private and public areas. As you can see, they used two to three colors the most because they just want to settle for a flat white surface to absorb more ambient lighting. It’s an effective interior design that caters to all of your needs. It is measured in accordance with your common activities and the number of users. a


Designing your studio apartment doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be iconic. There are ways on how you can remodel your space without compromising the costs and efforts you have to exert. With these interior design ideas, you get the best deal for your dream home.

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