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6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers


The work of the teacher is not as easy as 1,2,3. From checking tests, assignments, and more, it can consume a lot of time and energy of the teacher. In order to give the students their exact grades, everyday checking serves as a hard time for teachers. What makes it worse is that there are sets of grading patterns that the teacher has to follow.

So, is there a way that teachers can make grading work done easily and correctly? Yes! The modern technologies used in a classroom is not only meant for strategizing the lessons but can also be used for efficient grading! Instead of drowning themselves with paper works, they can use those times for other school stuff which can better improve interaction within the classroom.

6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers

You no longer need to search and question the grading functionality of these apps as we have already compiled the 7 best grading apps tools you can use to successfully assess your student’s performance. You can check them out below.

1.  Crowdmark

Crowdmark is the type of grading tool where you can easily share everything to the principal or other school faculties the grading sheet you make. The best thing about this tool is that you can upload the assignments of the students using a mobile phone to easily check them. You can even add corrections and you have the choice if you want to print them out or share online for students to check their mistakes too.

6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers

Furthermore, there is instant sharing where your students can share their assignment through a file. This way, you can further analyze the difference between the student’s performance for different tasks given.

2.  Learnboost

Learnboost is not only used as a manager of your lesson plans but can also be used as a grading tool to check students’ works. It’s a grade book which allows teachers to share students’ performance with their parents. It is safe and secure where sharing can only be accessed by the teacher and the parents.

3.  Gradebook Pro

Gradebook Pro is known for its features that allow easy record and calculation of the students’ works. Since everything is recorded here, the teacher can easily compute the overall score that involves exam, performance grade, and attendance. It also has a categorization feature that allows you to categorize students performances, which gives you better access to what specific field the student fails to comply.

6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers

The best thing about this grading tool is that the students can easily access their scores by the shared email content of the teacher or by simply visiting the website. This way, the teacher will no longer need to inform the students if they fail or pass a certain field because everything is published there.

4.  ThinkWave

ThinkWave is another educational tool that helps teachers grading easy and simple. The best thing about this app is that it is for free! So instead of taking long hours of compiling the paper works of your students, it has a feature that allows the students to directly send their assignment and project online thus giving the teachers paperless checking.

6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers

Additionally, the reports and records of the students are just one click away for their parents to navigate. In case you’re wondering what technology to use, a laptop with an adjustable laptop stand would do because it has a wide screen that can track the overall records and progress of the students.

5.  Engrade

Engrade is not just a grading tool that contains the records and computation of the students’ works. It also includes a feature that allows you to remind your students about the incoming exams or deadlines. It also serves an educational tool which allows you to make an online quiz that can be easily shared to your students.

6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers

It categorizes different periods of the whole school year which makes grading more flexible to locate the students’ weak performances. These records are also made ready to be shared with the students and to their parents.

6.  Power School

Power School is another type of grading app that allows the teacher to use different assessment tools for every type of exams. Additionally, this is where you can create or edit your lesson plans too. The parents of the students are also allowed to check the progress of their students through the use of newsletters.

6 Best Grading Tools For Teachers

It is an innovative way to determine the weak points of the students, most especially for the type of exam that involves the teacher’s personalized rubrics.


Teachers have now incorporated technologies to the teaching process of a modern classroom. So do not be afraid to switch to a paperless type of grading tool where you can be stress-free and efficient in making the exact grades of your students! Download your choice of grading tool we have mentioned above now!

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