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7 Best Online Resources for Students

Online resources for students have brought an amazing revolution in the world of education. These useful resources are not just easily accessible but have actually made learning and teaching process much easier and more interesting. Students can get an easy access to free as well as premium resources. However, the choice usually depends upon the level of education and complexity of subject but undoubtedly, both of these are excellent tools.

Just to help students with their education, we have compiled a list of seven of the best online learning resources so they can get maximum advantage from them.

1: Open Culture

Open Culture is a content rich website where students can find useful information when they are writing essays or doing their academic projects. Additionally, they can also find a lot of useful stuff to develop their intellect, analytical and research skills. The site offers resources in culture and education and it includes over 1300 free courses, 800 ebooks and 700 digital books. Free courses are offered in a wide range of topics including Astronomy, Literature, physiology, philosophy and religion. Visit the website and explore this excellent source.

2: Atrixware

With years of hard work and dedication, Atrixware has been able to develop an excellent learning system which allows students to develop impressive academic presentations. Besides presentation making tool, Atrixware’s blog would be quite helpful in keeping you up to date with newly introduced and more powerful e-learning tools. This website will keep adding up new tools in your toolbox.

3: Saylor Academy

The Saylor Academy is striving to make learning possible for those who can’t afford to pay higher fees. You can simply learn new skills in the field of your interest or prepare yourself for a degree program. Moreover, you can get latest news, updates and tips to enhance your skills and other learning capabilities. You will find Saylor Academy a tremendous source to explore throughout your academic years. 

4: Coursera

This is the best platform where student can find a huge number of free courses and degree programs offered by some of the most prestigious universities in the world. You can choose a course or degree in any subject of your choice including but not limited to data science, computer science, information technology, personal development, physics, engineering, math and other topics. Coursera has made partnership with Amazon Web Services, Arizona State University, Cisco,  Georgia Tech, ISB, John Hopkins and others.

5: Elektev

Elektev is on a mission to organize educational content on the Internet and make it easily accessible for students. Elektev provides students with online course details, reviews and prices on courses aggregated from multiple online education providers. At Elektev, you can compare the best online courses from multiple course sites and students can find the course that suits them the best.

6: Course Buffet

Course Buffet is basically an Academic Search Engine which is designed to bring a large number of online courses from different sources at a single platform. You can find free courses offered by more than 250 world renowned universities. The most interesting thing about this search engine is that you can compare courses which will definitely help you find the best. You can simply use a title or a subject name to search relevant courses in your particular field of interest or studies.

7: RefDesk

As a student you can easily find a lot of information on internet but you can’t always be sure that the piece of information you have found is authentic. So the best way to find the authentic resources is to find at an authentic place like RefDesk. The site contains enough references to search relevant data for your academic research paper, essays and other assignments. There is a huge amount of useful information on this website.

Final Words

The internet is full of useful resources and the above discussed are just some of the best resources for students. As a student, you will always need to enhance your knowledge and skills to stand out of the crowd of millions of thousands. So if you really want to make a difference in your school, college or university, you must visit above mentioned websites and see Moon Lamp how they can help you reshape your learning strategy.

Ann Castro
Ann Castro
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